Saturday May 21, 2022

Just How Clean is Your Carpet?

Does your carpet look clean to you? Looks are deceptive, with the average carpet holding 4 times its own weight in dirt and being 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat. If those figures have you reaching for the vacuum cleaner, stop – the air blowing out when you hoover makes it one of the 5 dirtiest places in your home!

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What’s trapped in my carpet?

The list of nasties that get trapped in your carpet is like a who’s who of grime, with pet hair and urine, dust mites, dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria including salmonella and listeria among them. Your carpet is the biggest air filter in the home, trapping pollen and dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds in its fibres.

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How does it get there?

75% of us say we never take our shoes off in the home, meaning we’re walking all kinds of mud and dirt into the fibres. And we’re not very hygienic when it comes to spot cleaning stains, with 70% of us preferring to move our furniture around to cover up a mark rather than clean up a spill.

Are you one of the 90% of carpet owners who are happy to eat food that they’ve dropped on the carpet? Not only are you contributing to the general detritus trapped in the fibres of your carpet but you’re at risk of illness because bacteria can live for 4 weeks – which means the 5 second rule really doesn’t apply!

What about vacuuming?

No one’s denying that a good vacuum isn’t essential to keep your carpet looking cosmetically clean, but it won’t touch deep down dirt. And when you start blowing all those nasties back into the air you can cause a health hazard, especially for those with allergies and respiratory problems.

Nothing cleans like a deep clean

Commercial carpet cleaning in Gloucester or wherever you live is the ideal solution to the problem of those unseen undesirables in your carpet. Choose a reputable company like who’ll have the equipment and technology to remove stains and deep down dirt and leave your carpet looking brighter and cleaner.

You’ll extend the life of your carpet and also protect your children and animals from possible infection from insects and hidden bacteria. Nothing cleans your carpets like a deep clean, giving you confidence in your hygienic home.

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