Friday May 20, 2022

Six Common Fragrances and How They Affect Your Mood

Marketing is an ever-evolving beast, as today’s consumers are more demanding, less patient and are targeted with countless messages every single day. It leads to message overload for consumers and means that marketers have to clever to achieve cut-through.

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Your social media feeds are filled with photos and videos trying to catch your attention, so the new wave of experiential marketing is being introduced – that of scent marketing, appealing to another sense.

Our sense of smell is powerful, and we recognise evocative scents that instantly transport us somewhere else – perhaps cut grass to the long summers of your childhood. The smell of the ocean is almost always positive to people. Marketing professionals are starting to realise that smell is very strongly linked to memory and so is powerful tool they can tap into if they get it right. These scents can be achieved in a business, commercial and domestic setting with relative ease by diffusing Essential Oils from companies such as into your environment.

Powerful Scents

Of course, the fragrance you choose will depend greatly on the effect you want to achieve. Lavender is a very soothing smell and one that encourages relaxation. It’s been used for many years to calm both mind and body, and can help with reducing insomnia. It’s perfect therefore in bubble bath or to wash bed linen.

Peppermint is great for concentration – a fresh scent that helps us maintain focus. It’s great in mints or chewing gum but also works in an intensive burst with a few drops of oil on a tissue.

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If the scent of summer could be bottled, it would probably smell like jasmine – so evocative of hot summer evenings. Used in a lot of perfumes from top to base notes, it can be seen as quite a feminine smell that marketers should take into consideration.

The Scent of the Mediterranean

Rosemary is thought to aid memory, so it’s great in a diffuser for the office or as an essential oil. Similarly, citrus – orange, lemon or grapefruit – is a great energy booster. Healthier than coffee for a kick-start to the day, these refreshing smells are perfect for shower gels and cool drinks.

If you are interested in finding out more the Fifth Sense goes into more detail about the psychology of smell and how it affects us.

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