Monday May 23, 2022

Small but stylish

If space is at a premium in your home then the thought of redecorating might be giving you palpitations. However, decorating a small space doesn’t have to be a headache as there are some great styling tips that will help you maximise your available space.

Paint can¬† give you endless possibilities when it comes to redesigning a room and will also detract from the size of a space. Contrary to popular belief, you can make a statement in a small room, it doesn’t have to be all pastels and neutrals. If you have an alcove, for example, making a bold statement with colour can look highly effective. Tie in the colour with accessories around the rest of the room for a warm and cosy feel in a small space. Whilst you can do a bold colour in one area, it does pay to go for the neutral for the rest of the walls. It will improve the flow of the house so look for sage, cream, light grey, taupe or beige.

When space is limited, it’s important to make the best use of it and the area under the stairs can often be overlooked. It can be transformed into storage or make the most of the area by creating a snug with a built in bookcase, shelving unit or small two seater sofa or armchair.

When dealing with small living areas, the answer is to go high. If you have lovely ornaments and accessories that you want to show off then think about high shelving, maybe over the sofa. Another design trick is to hang your curtain pole very close to the ceiling as this makes ceilings look higher. Also, be sure to extend the rod by about 4 inches either side of the window so it appears wider and allows more light in. Having curtains the same colour as the walls will also make a room look larger.

Space saving radiators are also a good idea for maximising living space without sacrificing comfort or style. Why have a radiator blocking a wall, making it difficult to place furniture there, when you can opt for a contemporary vertical one. Compact heated towel rails are also available for kitchens and bathrooms. For a range of Aluminium Radiators, visit

Placing a large mirror opposite a window will allow it to bounce light all around the room. The space will feel airier and naturally bigger. In addition to this, the use of metallics are useful to creating the reflective illusion of light of space. A metallic light fixture, shimmery lamp or ornaments will have the same effect as a mirror.

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Think about filling your room with lighter pieces of furniture. Instead of a solid wood coffee table, choose a see through version, make use of glass or try a table with an open metal base. Another great way of saving space is to use furniture that includes space for storage in it. Dining tables with cubbies underneath, ottomans with removable lids and coffee tables with a shelf underneath, for example.

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