Wednesday May 18, 2022

Sneaky hacks to make a room look bigger

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Having a small living space does not mean you have to feel hemmed in. Try these nine tricks to help you make the most of your bijou home.

Let the light in

Bringing as much natural light as possible in to a room opens it up to immediately make it feel more spacious. Adding a mirror opposite a window helps reflect the light.

Play around with furniture

Putting all your furniture against the walls does not necessarily mean you’ll get a bigger room. Try moving your sofa away from the wall in the living room and put a slim console table behind it. Having breathing room around furniture gives the illusion of more

Light paints

If you’ve ever wondered “What can I do to make my room look bigger?”, painting your walls a light colour is a great place to start. While a statement wall in a dark colour can look amazing, it is a well-known fact that pale hues make a room airy and open. You might like to check out websites such as for ideas.

Make a feature of storage

There are so many great storage options around that there is no excuse to not make them a statement feature. The Guardian recommends using a wall of box shelves for storing objects and showing them off.

Ditch the curtains

Keeping windows uncovered by not having curtains also adds the illusion of space. Having the windows open tricks the eyes into thinking your room has depth and lets more of the natural landscape in.

Leg it up

Armchairs, coffee tables and sofas that are raised on legs help to create a sense of space and light.

Colour pop

While your walls should be neutral, being brave enough to go for a dark or bright ceiling creates depth, and the splash of colour draws they eye upwards, creating an illusion of height.


If you don’t think you have room for dining space, try a fold-down table or one that has drop leaves along with foldaway chairs. These provide you with more space when they are not in use.

Be tidy

It goes without saying that de-cluttering and getting rid of anything you no longer use is essential for a small space, as is keeping surfaces clear.

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