Monday May 23, 2022

The advantages of steel scaffolding

Whether it is a renovation, new build, extensions or just some general maintenance, you may need scaffolding to complete any of these jobs. There are different materials that scaffolding can be made of, but the most common in the UK is either steel or aluminium.

Here are some of the main benefits to using steel scaffolding, good for complete coverage around the domestic property or to make a single tower for the purpose of access.

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Flexibility in design and size

The benefits of galvanized steel scaffolding, like Ringlock and Cuplock, is their extreme flexibility and adaptability to any project or job. Unlike aluminium towers, steel scaffolding projects can be assembled to a great height with complete freedom to erect a scaffolding structure in any form your project requires.

Transportation and storage

Steel scaffolding, regardless of the system, is designed so that it can be easily stored and transported. With advances in the production of scaffolding, modern steel scaffolding is often lighter than you think. When buying new scaffold, it is always advisable to check if there is an anti-corrosion guarantee offered. Top scaffolding companies will only use top quality manufacturers who can offer a long anti-corrosion guarantee. For Essex Scaffolding, visit a site like leading Essex Scaffolding company BG Scaffolding.

Secure and stable structure

Steel scaffolding is undoubtedly the best kind of scaffolding to bear heavy loads. Due to the nature of the steel and the inherent strength and stability, it is able to withstand the toughest of weather conditions. Perfect for construction or maintenance of any kind when dealing with the fickle English weather! Scaffolding is also able to endure intense weather conditions such as wind, rain, and even earthquakes!

Long life

Steel tends to last longer than scaffold made of other materials. Because of the hard-wearing steel and strength of the structure, breaks, bends and dents are all very unlikely. These are all very common problems with less durable materials such as aluminium scaffolding.

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Ease of erection and dismantling

Steel scaffolding systems are designed to be set up and dismantled as efficiently and quickly as possible. This advantage means you get your project started and cleared more quickly.

Points to consider with scaffolding

If buying scaffolding, make sure you select a supplier that can provide accurate designs to match your project, offering professional recommendations on the system that will suit you the best and ultimately provide support and advice should you  it before, during and after the purchase.

If you decide to contract a scaffolding company; it is very important to use a company that can give you professional advice on all aspects of your project. Make sure that they offer a range of services before, during and after renting scaffolding. In case of problems, the company scaffolding must be available to complete it in the shortest possible time and be able to help with advice and professional input when you need it.


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