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The scientific answers to 12 ultimate health and wellness questions

Our health is one of the most important things we need to consider on a daily basis along with our mental and emotional wellbeing. As individuals and employers that can utilise the services of an Occupational Health Bristol company such as , we need to ensure that we are keeping an eye on how much we move around each day and ensure that we are not chained to our desks. There are many health myths that have been around for a long time and here we look at the current research and findings on 12 of these health and wellness questions.

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1. Can sugar make us hyperactive?

No, research has disproved this in both adults and children.

2. Will cough syrup help my cough?

Unfortunately not. The active ingredients in the syrups, such as codeine and antihistamines, are too small to make a difference to adults and may even harm children.

3. Can olive oil help my heart?

Yes. Numerous studies have produced results showing that the Mediterranean diet, which is rich in olive oil, helps to prevent heart disease.

4. Is factor 30 sunscreen high enough?

Yes; however, the FDA says it is more important that the cream is broad spectrum, giving protection against UVA and UVB. FDA clearance is vital for these kinds of products, with expert third parties helping companies to bring such products to market.

5. Does monosodium glutamate (MSG) cause headaches?

There is no scientific proof that MSG causes any adverse symptoms or sensitivity.

6. Is fruit juice as healthy as fruit?

No – fruit contains fibre and a glass of juice generally does not.

7. Are all wholemeal breads better than white bread?

No – some are very refined. The healthiest bread is whole wheat.

8. Can hot tubs cause infections?

Yes, the nasty little cryptosporidium bug may be lurking and waiting to give you an upset stomach.

9. Do eggs give you high cholesterol?

It would appear not. Although they contain a lot of cholesterol, eggs don’t raise your blood cholesterol.

10. Can I overdose on water?

You can. Your kidneys can only process so much water and if some of the minerals that you need become too dilute, your sodium level drops and you get all kinds of problems.

11. Is red wine better for my health than white?

No, although it has to be said the wisdom on this keeps changing. Red wine has a little less sugar and a few more minerals than white.

12. Is tap water just as good as bottled water?

Yes, and water bottles are a major environmental problem.

For authoritative advice on health and wellness, consult the NHS website or speak to your local pharmacist or GP for advice and support.

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