Saturday May 21, 2022

The vast universe that is above our heads.

Space has fascinated humans for centuries and weave used the stars above our head to navigate our way across land and sea and have worshipped them like gods and idols. The more that we discover about our wider universe the more we become intrigued and want to explore further. We have sent up hundreds of satellites and probes as well as spaceships and have even built space stations from which further research and images are continually being sent back to earth for the hundreds of specialists at NASA to analyse and catalogue.

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It is this wonder about the planets and stars that has in some way resulted in our love for all things sparkly. Some incredible models both in solid material and virtual have been created some of which will have used Bim Technology like that you find from  to create these incredible models and scenes of the solar system.

There have even been discoveries of a star that is thought to have at its core a large diamond. Nicknamed ‘Lucy’ after the Beatles song, it is thought to be a carbon mass that has had 90 percent of it crystallised into a diamond like substance. It has been estimated to be around 10 billion trillion trillion carats, which is an amount that is difficult even to imagine.

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Each year in October around 80 countries across the world join together in a week-long celebration of all thing space related as they take part in World Space Week. This event was first established by the United Nations back in 1999 and stated that 4th-10th October every year was to be dedicated to the science, discoveries and general love of space that we can all be united in across the globe. This year the theme was centred around “Space Unites the World” and followed on from a larger initiative that was aimed at bringing together the greatest thinkers across all the countries who are actively exploring space and pool together their resources and expertise’s instead of trying to compete against each other. Next year, in 2019 the theme for Space Week will be “The Moon : gateway to the stars”.

Just under 4,000 events are held globally each year with some events using the theme of space week to encourage children and young adults to think about science and STEM in particular as both study and career options, with groups dedicated to increasing the number of girls entering the field.

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