Saturday May 21, 2022

The Vintage Wedding Trend can be Captured on Camera

Vintage weddings continue to be the most popular trend up and down the country. But with the term ‘vintage’ encompassing a number of themes, such weddings can be a challenge for the photographer capturing the day.  They not only have to think about the venue, the couple, the flowers which they sourced from a Florist Gloucester sourced at sites like So just what should be expected when accepting a booking for a vintage wedding?

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Wartime wonder

The recent commemorations for the 75th anniversary of VE Day proved how timeless 1940s style really is and why the wiggle dresses and full-skirted gowns of the period remain popular for brides today.

Receptions inspired by the ‘make do and mend’ of this period will be full of bunting, lace and vintage tea cups. As for venue, whether it is a street party in Stratford or a marquee on the beach in Bournemouth, photographer choice is key: couples must make sure they choose someone who is confident capturing the details of such a stylish wedding.

Hollywood high life or rock ‘n’ roll retro

For a vintage Hollywood film star style, couples should take inspiration from the greats of the 1950s. When actress Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco, an iconic wedding dress style was born but modern photographers will most likely be dealing with a ceremony on a slightly smaller scale!

Rock ‘n’ roll took control later in the decade so a wedding on this theme might take the form of a Grease ‘prom’ style reception. Most likely 1950s venues are historic hotels or country estates. When dealing with a historic venue, such as Bournemouth’s Sopley Mill, it is worth finding a Bournemouth photographer experienced with the location.

Swing into the 60s

A decade of great variety when it comes to style, choosing a 1960s themed wedding offers plenty of possibilities.

When it comes to venues, there are two key options that are representative of the decade: a modernist creatively concrete structure in the city, or a free-rolling meadow in the country. Couples opting for the former might choose a mod style theme, complete with miniskirts for the girls and Beatles style collarless suits for the boys. Whilst the latter would be perfect for a Woodstock festival themed reception full of love and peace.

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