Friday May 20, 2022

The vital importance of a tap.

Imagine the fun of getting up in the morning and facing a long walk with a bucket down to the nearest river or artesian well to get the days, or at least morning’s, water supply. This is for drinking, washing and cooking so it needs to be a considerable amount. When you also consider that the average UK household uses 400 litres a day that’s a lot of trips back and forth. Thank heavens then for a plumbing system and most importantly the Tap to deliver it. We all like a decent tap especially as we spend a large amount of time washing our hands each day. This is where a Washroom supplier Gloucestershire company can help you out with the products that you may be looking for in your office and workplace.

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Taps and plumbing are not the modern miracle that you would first expect. There is evidence of the use of them since 1700BC. The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all had a good understand of the use of gravity fed plumbing systems. Rome itself was able to accommodate public and private baths plus fountains and cisterns dotted throughout the city for public use. They also developed the faucet or tap. This pressure based release system allowed users to regulate the flow of water out of the aqueduct and into the receptacle to carry it, such as a bucket.

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The world of water management took a back seat after the end of the Roman Empire and it wasn’t until the late 1700’s that we started to use taps and plumbing again with any regularity. Most homes were, and still are to some degree, given a washroom/bathroom suite where there were two taps. One specifically for cold and one for hot. Early twentieth century home owners became very adept at getting the balance of the water right to create a nice median temperature. In 1937 Al Moen burned his hand on the very hot water coming out of the tap. He reasoned that there had to be a way to incorporate both cold and hot. The Single tap was conceived and now homeowners could adjust the tap to deliver a mix of cold and hot water avoiding burning and getting the balance right straight away.

The tap has had many such upgrades throughout the twentieth century. One of the best is the use of the electronic sensor tap. This is operated by a sensor so that no contact with the handle is required. This avoids germs, makes it easier for disabled people to use and it cuts out so water isn’t wasted.

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