Wednesday May 18, 2022

Useful Advices for the Kid’s Rugs

Parents in State that are getting ready to decorate their kid’s room wonder about the selection of the right rug since its colors and depictions would play a great role to its growth. They are also concerned about carpet cleaning since the need for cleaning and sanitization in the room, where their child is developing is essential and most demanding in comparison with the rest of the house. Of course, you can take the advices of those who are occupied with child psychology, but you can also follow some simple rules, which must be applied regardless from the gender of the child.

What you must look for when searching for a new rug

  • You must choose rugs with short piles, which allow the kid to play on it, but won’t tire you much to do home carpet cleaning.
  • It’s always preferable to choose intense colors avoiding dark shades, such as brown and black or neutral ones like grey. Young kids carry a lot of energy and positive predisposition and a happy environment will help them express these inner feelings and explore their imagination.
  • Most kids love their cartoon heroes and adore depictions with cute pets or bears, but today you can find amazing rugs with fabulous educative motifs, which would help these little people during their first steps of learning. Psychologists say that kids, who explore education through games from a small age, can develop greatly and, hence, it’s time to get something different from the usual depictions.
  • Don’t place your Persian rugs in the kid’s room since rugs won’t last for long in the care of your little fellows and, anyhow, these rugs are too serious and inappropriate for the first cute steps.

Taking care of the rugs

  • Carpet maintenance must be done often to the kid’s room, which means that you must vacuum every day. When you will need to do stain removal, you must make sure you are using ecofriendly products that you can easily find in City, but even then you must keep your child in a distance.
  • Rug cleaning doesn’t involve only vacuuming. Once a month you must hang the rug out of the window to get fresh air in order to remove the excessive dust and possible germs that can cause allergies to your precious ones.
  • As the children grow old, you will keep buying new rugs that will represent the interests of their age, but if you have water damage at home, you must replace the rug immediately.
  • Your child spends a lot of time on the rug and, hence, pets must not be allowed to step on these rugs under normal circumstances, but since no one follows that rule, you must do pet stain & odor removal as often as possible. You just have to use vinegar to clean the rug and spread baking soda to remove the odors. In this case, the child must sleep in another room for one night till you vacuum the remaining of the soda in the morning. The results will surprise you!


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