Wednesday May 18, 2022

Using plaster for decoration.

Plaster is not just something that you put in walls to finish them off. Whilst you might well need the work of a Plasterers Gloucester based company like the one in the link there is a lot more that we can do with plaster down through the centuries. Plaster is a great substance to use for moulding into a variety of very ornate shapes. It is smooth and thick which means it can be poured into casts where it sets rock solid. However, unlike stone and marble it can be filed down shaped and generally have any rough edges removed without the risk of cracking or being too brittle.

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Plaster is a mix of the elements of gypsum, cement, sand and lime. It also has things like ox hair put in it to make it sticky. The really fancy stuff is called stucco and this is what artists still use today. Stucco also makes for a cheaper but just as effective substitute for marble which is expensive.

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Some of the finest stucco work can be seen in Italy. Here it is not only used for statues but also for creating ornate borders and ceiling work. The same is true in India where stucco plaster is used. Unlike the Italians who like to keep there’s white and unblemished, the Indian’s prefer to paint theirs. This enables them to show the colours of Shiva, Vishnu and Ganesh which are usually very vivid.

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