Monday May 23, 2022

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Color Television has indeed created a revelation in human life. It can be termed as the greatest invention of this century. TV offers immense benefits to people in all their walks of life, whether it is entertainment, education. Health, safety or security, TV plays a tremendous role in our day to day activities.  Due to these immense benefits, it is very difficult to find anyone without TV at their homes.

Like any other electronics, keeping with the change in technological advancements, television has traveled a long way from black and white to wide LCD flat TV of today. Everyday new models are launched worldwide by various manufacturers.

A flat home LCD TV is a dream purchase of everyone  because it offers great features like highest resolution, low glare, even you can say almost there is no glare at all.  Unlike normal curved TV screens that often catches the light from different directions and reflects the viewers like a mirror, whereas a home flat LCD TV do not reflect light unless there is a strong power of source in front of it.


Conventional TV has a cathode ray tube or CRT similar to a gun that shoots out electrons at a high speed surface of television screen.  A home LCD TVhas a light source with polarizing filters and a thin layer of liquid crystals between them. These liquid crystals are very thin and efficient.  The electrons strike the TV surface that fluorescents or glows creating pixels on the screen.

Although, we pay initially a higher price for a flat home LCD TV than the conventional one, in the long run home LCD TV will prove to be economical. This is because; a home LCD TV consumes less power than the conventional TV, thereby saving a substantial amount on power bills.

The biggest advantage on a home LCD TV is that its resolutions are superior in comparison to conventional TV. The images are clear and have good clarity. As many television companies beam their programs in DVD quality, home LCD TV is the ideal choice for catching these images without any desertion. Watching a movie or a television program on home LCD TV will make a defining moment for the viewers.

There are different models of home LCD TVs available in the market manufactured by different companies.  Sony, LG, Toshiba, Samsung, Audiovox, and Thomson are some of the manufactures of home LCD TV with world class technology.

Home LCD TV comes in various sizes starting from 15”, 20”, 26”, 37”, 42”, and 46”.  The features include crystal clear 480p vertical resolution image quality. Some models are fitted in distinctive sleek cabinetry, with beautiful high gloss black finish featuring advanced speaker technology, enabling compact cabinetry without sacrificing big home theater sound.

A few models have network capability, allowing consumers to connect thehome LCD TV to a personal computer and view their image picture files, or listen to their MP3 audio files, using the TV remote alone. Sleek appearance of these homes LCD TVs enable them to be placed at any room without difficulty.

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