Saturday May 21, 2022

Back and Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

The kind of daily routine an average person goes through is normally the reason for back and shoulder pain. Whether we talk of the working days or the week ends, the routing of most of the people is similar. In the working days most of us are busy doing heavy and repetitive work and by the end of the day we are so tired that, to relax ourselves we sink into the couch doing nothing for sometime that varies from a few minutes to several hours. Soon comes the weekend along with the weekend routine. Few of the rigorous repetitive tasks include gardening, laundry or if it bigger than painting the walls. In some cases when it is sports weekend it might include skiing or rock climbing. On the Monday morning when you go for wearing a shirt your back and shoulder pain reminds you of the injustice you have done to them during the whole week.

You are probably experiencing tendonitis. One of the common injuries in tendonitis is the injury of the rotator cuff muscles. This triangular muscle is located on the back of the shoulder blade. The injury can be caused either by over use or repetitive action in a wrong posture like heavy object, swinging your tennis racquet or pulling off your jacket in haste. The micro tears caused in the tendons become inflamed and painful. If not cured in time this pain can mimic other back and shoulder pain this might reflect in a different area or muscle.

Shoulder Pain

The highly flexible joints of our shoulders allow our arms to move thru a large range of motion. We give them a lot of punishment by using them in almost every activity on a daily basis. The restless activity can lead to a wide range of injuries causing back and shoulder pain. As a result you are required to limit the movements. A timely sleep is one of the best ways to heal the problem. But the unfortunate part is that when it is time to sleep we are too very busy thinking about tomorrow.

The overcompensation of muscles in an attempt to prevent further injury and pain causes chronic tightening of these muscles that leads to more severe conditions. Due to this reason it may take very long to heal from several months to even years and even then you may not get back the full range of motion due to adhesive capsulate or frozen shoulder. Unfortunately there is no drug or instant treatment to get rid of the injury over the night.

Surgery? Well fortunately not necessary. If you can get to know of a good skilled massage therapist, your proactive will power with his help can help you heal more than 90% without any surgery or even injections or drugs. He needs to locate the exact muscle and tendon that needs to be repaired and you need to co-operate him to do this successfully by performing certain range of motions for tests. However if the damage is severe in some cases, the only option is surgery. Thus actually the best medicine is prevention as soon as you start feeling the pain.

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