Thursday Jul 07, 2022

The power of an air cannon

When we use the term cannon, it makes us think of loud explosions and the expelling of large metal balls, usually on the high seas with pirates. However, these use gunpowder and would be next to useless in the use of moving foodstuffs and powder items around a warehouse. Using Pneumatic conveying, like that from, is much better suited. This is because it uses an air cannon system which is much better.

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You can see the effects of an air cannon by buying one or a toy version. You simply pull back an elastic-plastic back and let go. The force of the air created is funnelled through a tube. It blows people’s hair back.

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The principle is the same with a pneumatic system. It is a much greater power than the one you can generate. It needs to be. Pneumatic systems have to shift large bulky items in containers or powders and foodstuffs. The positive and negative opposites of a vacuum are usually employed to create attracting and repelling forces that move objects around. The propelling of the object has to be controlled, unlike the cannon ball, as it needs to reach the other end of the tube safely. If it flies at an uncontrollable rate, it could burst through the other end of the storage vat. This is not an outcome that anyone wants.

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