Wednesday May 18, 2022

Big-I, the lovable robot company that makes our family and take care of our home

If you’ve ever dreamed of having scampering home a robot – style swarming Star Wars saga may be reality sooner than you think. That’s the idea of Big-I, of NXRobo, a sort of distant relative of R2-D2 but the same principle of friendly and helpful.

Based in Hong Kong, the firm Robotics has developed this robot that looks like a garbage can lined stuffed and where would the lid has a large “eye”. Of course, Big-I can see, recognize the faces of family, avoid obstacles, responds to voice commands, you have 3D vision and performs many tasks in conjunction with smart appliances home.

Big-I, the lovable robot company that makes our family and take care of our homeThat is, beyond the cleaning robots, since it is an assistant who can teach you things and it offers a lot of functions.For example turn on or turn off the lights or television at certain times or as give you an order (which could be a simple gesture), indicate a member of the house to do something specific (e.g. a child to wash hands after eating something) or monitor home so that nothing unusual happens (as intrusions of “foreign friends”).

As if that were not enough, all these features can be extended in the future thanks to the possibility of schedule and share new applications for your operating system.

Big-I is offered in various colors to match the decor of our home and although you cannot buy, and the price is known, if we are interested can check for updates and so get a discount of $ 50 when purchasing our future unity.

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