Friday May 27, 2022

Why Stroud is Such a Popular Place to Live

Many people in the UK have decided that city life is not all it cracked up to be and are looking for a place in a more rural location. There are many reasons for this – the fresher and cleaner air, benefits to mental health, more space in the great outdoors and peace and quiet are all things that attract people to a life in the countryside.

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One of the places that is a popular rural town is Stroud and the surrounding areas. Stonehouse estate agents like TGRES have lots of people enquiring about properties in the local area, so what is it that is so great about this region?

Firstly, Stroud is surrounded by beautiful countryside, so if you are planning on spending a lot of time walking around in the fresh air, then this is a great place to be. The Cotswold way runs through the area, which is a walking route of over 100 miles, and it also has lots of shorter walking routes that take in the beautiful scenery over the Stroud Valleys and beyond.

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Stroud is also a place that is laid back and offers a fantastic alternative lifestyle – full of local artists, finding beautiful things is easy here, and it also has a wide range of locally produced food available, which attracts people from not just all over Gloucestershire but further afield. Whether you want locally produced honey, a unique vase or fresh vegetables, it is easy to come by in Stroud.

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