Friday May 27, 2022

Getting your First Office – What to Think About

When you set up your own business it’s an exciting and also a stressful time, but you really feel like you have made it when the time comes to get your first office of your own. If your company is starting to grow then this is a great sign, and also it means that the time has come to find your own office – but what do you need to think about when looking for an office of your own?

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Work out what you can afford – you might want to get some financial advice and have a chat with your accountant about this, but it is important to know your budget before you do anything else and make sure that it is going to be something that benefits your company, not bankrupts it! You don’t want to be working all the hours just to afford rent on your slick new office space!

Consider the practicalities of the location – is it easy to get to? Is it a good place for your business to be? You may find a bargain place for example but if it is somewhere that is too far away or doesn’t have good parking or transport links, is it really that good?

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As well as the office itself you also need to think about kitting it out so take into account what furniture you need – have a look for local furniture suppliers like this Gloucester Office Furniture company severn furnishings and get an idea of what you need in your office.

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