Wednesday May 18, 2022

What to wear with shorts?

Shorts are an essential item for the modern-day man. Traditionally worn in warmer weather, shorts can be worn year-round to create or complement the perfect outfit. All types of shorts form today’s fashion trends from cargo shorts for festivals, denim shorts for restaurant dinners, chino shorts for smart events and even swim shorts are no longer exclusively reserved as beachwear.

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What shirt to wear with shorts?

From both long and short sleeved shirts through to T-shirts and polo shirts, there are so many great fitting options to go with your mens Superdry shorts. With smart chino shorts and your smarter shoes, a strong collared button up shirt will make the perfect impression that you mean business. With your more casual denim shorts a polo shirt of plain T-shirt can be the perfect combination while with swimming shorts a casual polo shirt fits just great.

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What else to consider when choosing your short-based outfit?

You can’t go wrong with shorts according to Superdry so mix it up and add a sense of style with cargo shorts pairing with graphic T-shirts and long-sleeved T-shirts with denim being the idea pair for your evening out.

What shoes to wear with shorts?

Choosing the right shoe to go with your shorts can be a difficult task. Depending on the type of shorts, the type of shoe that pairs with it can change drastically. With a smart pair of mens Superdry shorts such as chinos you need a smart shoe. A well-polished leather shoe, loafers or dark brogues are ideal here. With denim shorts you’re going more casual and your shoes should match that. Trainers are ideal for your day-to-day activity or you can mix it up with coloured plimsoles. For cargo shorts smaller shoes with little rise pair perfectly- mix up the colours to really show your sense of style. With swim shorts you will be looking to show that beach style by wearing flip flops.

The only thing to avoid is clunky shoes. If they are too high or overly large then people’s attention can be drawn to the bulk of the shoe instead of your perfectly styled shorts. Keep them small and neat and show off your shorts!


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