Friday May 27, 2022

How colours are used in retail

Many things impact us while shopping, some of which we often don’t even realize. We are used to clear sales tactics, such as the buying one get one free promotion and putting chocolate on the check-outs, but do we see the finer tactics used by shops to separate us from our hard-earned money? Stores want us to feel good, be interested in certain things and become regular customers. You might be surprised to know that colour plays a role in this.

Colour is not the only factor that influences consumers’ habits, but of the consumers surveyed, 84.7% say colour affects the way they shop. Other factors include atmosphere, comfort, buzz words and even smells.

Here are the effects of various colours on Western buyers:

Red – This colour emits great energy and can increase heart rate. This not only creates a sense of danger but in terms of retail, a sense of urgency. This colour is most often used for sales or permits.

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Yellow – This is a colour that attracts attention and is often used in window displays to attract the attention of passing buyers. This represents optimism and youth. Consider this when choosing your Digital Signage from

Blue – Blue is the colour that we associate with feelings of being grounded, trustworthiness and safety and as such, that’s the colour used for financial institutions and health care providers. The right blue is important because the blue-sky colour does not create the same security as darker blue.

Black – Seen as a strong shade and also shows sophistication. This is often used to promote luxury goods because they look slim and serious.

Green – Green is the colour that is most easily adapted to our eyes, so it is generally used to calm people. This is usually used in doctors’ operations, hospitals or anywhere that requires a calming atmosphere. It is also related to wealth.

Purple – This is a very soothing colour, so it is mainly used for beauty, baby and anti-aging products.

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Orange – Although warm, friendly and vibrant in some settings, orange can also be seen as an aggressive colour, so it is often used to attract attention and calls to action such as buying, selling, or subscribing to buttons.

Pink – The main feminine colour and is used to market anything and everything for women and girls.

What types of buyers are interested in these colours?

Impulse buyers are usually more interested in persuasion colours that are urgent, fancy, or call to action like red, orange, and black.

Budget buyers will be interested in dark blue and green / blue colours that can be trusted and relaxed.

Traditional buyers seem to prefer different pink and light blue colours.

Some interesting colour statistics

  • Ads produced in colour are read up to 42% more than those printed in black and white.
  • Colour choices can make things easier to understand, learn and read.
  • More than 50% of buyers surveyed have not returned to the store because they do not like the appearance.
  • 80% of people believe that colour helps brand recognition.
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