Friday May 20, 2022

Using the internet for a French property search

If you’ve had many wonderful holidays in the glorious French sunshine then maybe you’ve long been considering a move to the country. Whether you’re wishing to relocate with a young family or as part of your retirement dream, the internet has made this task much easier. Not only can you find out all about life in France but also search for property from the comfort of your own armchair. Here are some top tips for finding French property online:

  • Is the site credible?

The internet is a wonderful tool of information but also a lurking ground for disreputable sellers so how do you know the site you’re viewing is a good one? Is the name of the estate agent a recognised name that also advertises in relevant industry magazines? Do they have English speaking experts on hand that are experienced in dealing with buyers from England? Don’t overlook smaller agencies either as they can often offer superb local knowledge, contacts and customer service. Check out expat forums online and see what people are saying about different agents.

  • Narrowing it down

Every town in France has estate agents so you won’t be short on choice. Different agents will specialize in certain properties and will vary in what services they offer English clients so visiting online forums and lots of property websites should give you a feel for which ones you should be aiming to contact. For Property for sale in France, visit

Stay Savvy

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There is a misconception in France that all Englishmen are rolling in money so don’t be surprised if the price jumps up when you start enquiring about a property. Be aware that you do not need to pay for a viewing or indeed, anything up front at all. Be as cautious and savvy as you would be buying a house in England, even though the laws differ, it’s still an important commercial exchange so keep your commercial senses about you even when you are looking online.

  • French Property Trade Fair

If you can visit one of these fairs then they are a wonderful opportunity to speak to lots of different professionals about moving to France. If you subscribe to any French property magazines then you’ll likely see these fairs advertised or you can search for them online. Remember that these are money-making events so don’t spend too long talking to just one company and getting the hard sell but use your time to gather as much information as possible.

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  • Where to settle?

The internet provides a perfect chance to research as much as you can about the advantages and disadvantages of living in different regions in France. You will need to consider the weather, if you want self-sufficient rural living or urban convenience, local facilities, schooling, transport and employment opportunities. The internet can also help you with learning the language, with a wealth of online courses and interactive programmes to enable you to pick up some important phrases before you settle in country.

  • Legal Roles

You’ll need to know what to expect when it comes to the role of estate agents and notaires in the French property system and remember that you will pay a notaire’s fee in addition to estate agents fees when you buy a home in France.


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