Saturday May 21, 2022

Perfect Fairtrade Gifts for any occasion

Whether you’re planning early for Christmas or have birthday gifts to consider, giving a Fairtrade gift makes great sense on a personal and ethical level. By purchasing a Fairtrade gift, you can guarantee that those who made it are receiving a good deal too. Fairtrade products range from food items and artwork to fashion accessories and home décor. Here are some wonderful ethical gifts you can choose for your loved ones:

  1. Organic Chocolate Hamper

Who doesn’t love indulging with chocolates on a special occasion? A beautifully presented hamper packed full of different varieties of Fairtrade chocolates will definitely be well-received. With bars of velvety deliciousness and chocolate truffles, you’ll be confident that those who grew the cocoa were getting a good price.

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  1. Big Red Bus

If you’ve got little ones to buy for then they’ll adore this bright wooden bus complete with play people. Educational and fun, the company behind this toy provides employment to deprived artisans in Sri Lanka. This delightful double decker bus is made from the special wood found on Sri Lankan tea farms and is beautifully hand-painted for tons of playtime adventures!

  1. Rainforest Soap

Made by Holy Lama, these little soaps make an ideal stocking filler or in a personalised hamper. They come delightfully arranged like a pearl in an oyster and the packaging is eco-friendly too, having been fashioned from a local palm leaf. The soap is made from coconut oil with essential oils, smells amazing and is great for keeping skin nourished and moisturised.

  1. Bamboo Amplifier

For tech lovers everywhere, introduce a natural solution to their amplifying needs. This bamboo iPhone/iPad amplifier needs no wires or batteries, will last longer than any speaker and sounds amazing. The special oven-dried bamboo is hand-made, works with a range of devices and will look neat and natural in your home, taking up less space than traditional speakers.

  1. Bolga Baskets

These hand-woven, brightly coloured baskets will bring joy to any home. Each basket is the creation of a lady in Africa who decides the size, shape, colour and pattern, meaning you receive a totally unique piece every time. They are incredibly durable and strong for carrying shopping or look delightful when used as adornments for a room. Bolga baskets are both ethical and stunning, making them the perfect gift. For more information, visit

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  1. Spice Jars

Add some vibrant excitement to your kitchen with these colourful hand-made spice jars from India. Fired in the traditional way and meticulously hand-painted, each one has a unique mixture of colours and patterns. Perfect for anyone who loves cooking and enjoys a rustic feel to their culinary surroundings.

  1. Stunning Jewellery

Made UK offers delicate hand-crafted pieces from artisans in Kenya. With a company focus on sourcing the most environmentally friendly materials available, they have teamed up with a UK designer to create a range of beautiful statements jewellery. You’ll be sure to find the perfect present for your loved one in their glamorous range.

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