Monday May 23, 2022

Why is Asbestos so Dangerous?

Nowadays we all know that asbestos is dangerous – whenever we hear we have some lurking in our home or office it can often cause us to worry, but it is usually not a problem unless it is broken up. It should only ever be removed by a professional company such as this asbestos removal Birmingham company as it is very important that it is removed safely.

Before the dangers of asbestos were known, it was used in buildings all over the world – from flooring to insulation, asbestos was the perfect material in many ways and as well as being great for use in buildings it was also inexpensive – so it was popular in construction, particularly after the Second world war when many building had to be re-built.

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Unfortunately the dangers of asbestos and the lung disease that it causes was not immediately obvious – for most people, it can be years or even decades before they started to show the first signs of any lung problems caused by the fibres in the asbestos. People who were most at risk were builders, plumbers, carpenters and people who worked at ship yards and in railway construction.

There are 4 main types of illness associated with asbestos inhalation. These are – pleural thickening, mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer.

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Over time it became apparent that many people, particularly from these professions were suffering from a deadly illness, and the cause of this was then traced back to asbestos. It was then banned as a construction material, and now, only older buildings contain asbestos in them.

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