Wednesday May 18, 2022

Some Repairs you May Need to Make when you Return to the Office

If you have just got back to the office after a few months working from home you will probably be ensuring that it is adhering to the government social distancing guidelines, and you may have been rearranging furniture and installing plastic screens to keep everyone as safe as possible. You may find that looking at it with fresh eyes and following a few months of no maintenance it needs a few repairs – here are some of the most common repair jobs needed in offices post lockdown….

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Computer repairs – Computers that have sat redundant for months may have a fair few updates to do, or may be harbouring even deeper problems. If your computers keep running slowly, or you are encountering lots of problems, it is time to get a computer repair expert, and possibly invest in some new computers.

Roofing – Depending on what sort of roof you have; many office buildings can attract seagulls who use the roof to build nests and rear their young – unfortunately seagulls are also the neighbours from hell. Your local council may be able to help and advise you on how you can prevent this behaviour or send someone out. For serious roofing problems you will need a professional such as these industrial roofers Norfolk

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Paint – Moving furniture around can reveal the need for a paint job. Scuffs and stains, as well as walls that are past their best can all be improved with a fresh coat of paint to brighten up a drab looking office.

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