Wednesday May 18, 2022

How to expand working space within a garage

Don’t procrastinate, get rid of it

Your very first task should be to rid yourself of rubbish and stuff no longer needed by you. If it has value but not to you, why not go to a car boot sale or donate it to a charity shop. If you only think it might have value to you, it probably hasn’t as you dumped it in the garage remember?

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Trays and containers

Nuts and bolts and useful things, you’re not quite sure what they’re called but they’re bound to come in useful one day, are what a good garage is all about. However, what use are they when you can’t find them because they’re in 20 different places or hiding somewhere on the floor?

Adjustable shelving

Shelving is good, but the wrong size in the wrong place is your worst enemy. Save yourself future graft and grief by using adjustable shelving in the first place. Shop outfitters are a good place to look.

Assign the space

Some people find it easier to organise a multi-use space by thinking in terms of zones, one wall for storage the other for tools, one corner for gardening equipment and so on. If you don’t really need the garage for the car at all you could think about converting it to a workshop or even living space. You might want a more weatherproof door if you plan to spend more time in it and a good place to call for a new door quotation or garage door repairs Watford is

If you consider a thorough rebuild dedicated to the new purpose for your garage, it’s a good idea to begin with research into any building regulations that might affect you, so start here –

Suspension technology

Yes, hang it up but do it with style. Many things you probably assume aren’t feasible to raise out of the way actually are. There is apparatus to help you hoist and secure cumbersome ladders and wheelbarrows in any good building supplies yard or DIY store. If you have some roof space there are even gadgets to easily hoist bicycles up there too. They aren’t always cheap but represent good value when you can reclaim the floor space for something more useful.

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