Wednesday May 18, 2022

A flash of light. Joseph and the Technicolor DreamCoat

The  musical theatre world would certainly be a darker and poorer place if it weren’t for the lyrics and music of a certain Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. Their musical and lyrical skill has brought many to the theatre, even managing to compete with the likes of Film and Television. Their shows are something of a must see spectacle but in  the case of Joseph and the Technicolor DreamCoat they have hit upon something a bit special. Joseph was the first stage show that the 2 put on and it would help to fuel  their careers allowing them to do Cats and Starlight Express. Joseph is a fun and family orientated piece, so much so that it is a popular production with schools and colleges.The stage show is something to see and would certainly require a set of Lighting Specialists like

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The story is based around the biblical tale of Joseph. He is one of 12 sons and the most favoured by his father Jacob. In a move that clearly smacks of favouritism  Jacob gives Joseph an expensive coat to show off in.

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To make matters worse Joseph keeps having dreams of ruling them all. The other brothers are miffed by this and take the rather drastic action of chucking him in a Well. However they decide that  murder isn’t that palatable and they sell him into slavery instead. Such is sibling rivalry..

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