Saturday May 21, 2022

Capita to Offer Brokers Mortgage Software for First Time

Specialist software has been making life easier for professionals in many walks of life, as it can handle complex issues or manage back office duties. Now Capita has been working with Tesco Bank to supply mortgage software to the broker market for the first time. The company uses technology and analytics to help clients deliver services efficiently and cost-effectively. By outsourcing operations to Capita, companies in both the public and private sector can save time and expense, with this new platform helping brokers provide a quality service to customers.

Capita to Offer Brokers Mortgage Software for First Time

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Software Saves Time and Money

Now the technology firm has been working with Tesco Bank so brokers can use a portal to search lending criteria, scan and upload documents, and find out how applications are progressing from any device. Using this software makes it easy for the brokers to get in touch by phone, online or by using the webchat service. Capita tailored the software to meet brokers’ needs. For example, if a broker has another appointment, he or she can use the stop and save technology to save a case being worked on, go off to see another client, and then retrieve the first case later from any device. These are useful features for brokers who have a day full of meetings, meaning they can update their documents or notes when they have some spare time.

Other useful functions include the fact that users can see every individual case with a single click. Instant decisions are also possible and support staff can access or update cases thanks to specific log-in profiles.

Benefits of Using Specialist Software

This service by Capita is another great example of how brokers and financial advisers can benefit by using specialist software. It means team members have access to the files so you can delegate work. The ability to access the files from your phone or tablet means you do not need to spend so much time in the office and your records are always updated. You can find out more about back office systems for IFAs by visiting

Such software can also make sure that brokers and IFAs are up-to-date with current regulations and always have all records easily to hand. By automating much of the administration, advisers can also spend more time helping their clients with investments and financial issues.

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