Monday May 23, 2022

Choosing a kitchen and flooring for you

The kitchen is the heart of a house so when it comes to planning, designing and building it its always best to ask an expert. The area has got to be suited to your ongoing needs so a Kitchens Doncaster company could provide some ideas or advice at sites like Whether you have just moved in or you think it’s time to have a complete re new of your kitchen a specialist is the way to go.  It is where the family tends to congregate, sometimes to the extent that the person doing the cooking has to weave their way around various family members to get the meal ready.  When you have chosen a kitchen you will probably choose flooring to so here as some options to think about.

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This heavy traffic means that the flooring in the kitchen must be able to cope with lots of wear; in addition, many kitchens have one or more doors that lead straight into the garden. This is great in summer, but in winter it can mean that children playing football on a muddy lawn or the dog digging up earth to find a bone come straight into the kitchen, trailing mud with them.

Ease of cleaning is an absolute requirement and most families will want a floor covering that does not require expensive specialist cleaners because the kitchen floor is cleaned so often.

Vinyl is the obvious choice for durability and easy cleaning; however, to really tick all the boxes and give outstanding performance in the kitchen, you need to look at different types of vinyl and make sure you choose one that will give you all the functionality you need. A good online flooring company will have a wide choice of vinyls that will perform well under demanding family kitchen conditions.

Waterproof and non-slip

Liquids and food get spilt in the kitchen and can be a severe hazard if they are not wiped up immediately. Take a look at the vinyls that are non-slip, particularly if older people are using the kitchen, as they are more likely to fall. As for the muddy dog, non-slip vinyl means that he or she is also protected from slippery surfaces and will not rupture a tendon and cause you endless expense at the vets.

Warm to walk on

Children and adults might want to go barefoot in the house and vinyl is a good choice for warmth underfoot as people pass from a carpeted area to the kitchen. If the kitchen floor is cold, children may be reluctant to go into the room.

For practicality, durability and safety, vinyl wins hands down as a floorcovering for the kitchen. Don’t forget that it is available in an enormous range of colours, patterns, finishes and textures to complement whatever style of kitchen you have.

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