Friday May 20, 2022

Courier and Carrier Services – What Are the Differences?

When sending letters or parcels by post, either within the country or abroad, you want it to be safely and securely delivered. This is particularly important for valuable items or if you run a business supplying products that you sell by post or online. Finding out the best service for you is of paramount importance. But do you know what you get with a courier service compared to a carrier service?

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What Is a Carrier Service?

A carrier service is provided by companies that deliver letters, packages and parcels on a daily basis. You can opt for next-day delivery, but your parcel or letter may be dropped off at several different locations. This is the type of service you’ll probably get when buying or selling online. The deliveries are usually within a set time frame, and you can track where your parcel is online and know roughly when it will be delivered to the door.

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Drawbacks to a Carrier Service

You can find out that the package is in transit but are unlikely to know a specific location and exact delivery time. Whilst it is a cost-effective option, the level of customer service is not as great as you would get with a courier service. Your goods are part of a large process and a wide network. Your package may start off in Glasgow, change depots at Liverpool and then again at Birmingham before being dropped off in London or to your home.

What Is a Courier Service?

A courier service is a more dedicated and personal delivery service. The courier can come to the seller to pick up a parcel or drop it off at a location for the courier to pick up. They then deliver it to your destination. It is a professional and secure way to get items delivered quickly. It can cater for a wide range of delivery needs such as online shopping, transporting pets or helping people move home. For information about a Same Day Courier Service, you can contact

Pack Well

Always make sure packages and letters are packed properly in boxes and envelopes of an adequate size and with cushioning such as bubble wrap to avoid accidents. A professional courier service ensures that all packages of all sizes will be handled correctly.

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