Monday May 23, 2022

PR blogs you should be reading

Regardless of what the personas of Patsy & Eddie convey about the industry of PR in the TV show ‘Absolutely Fabulous’, the world of PR is not all champagne and parties. Public Relations needs a range of skills and abilities to handle complex campaigns for various brands. Sometimes, it can be a headache even for the most experienced PR professionals, so a little advice from colleagues is always welcomed.

These are the 10 best PR blogs that you should read.

1. Skimm

Gathering 142,000 Twitter followers, Skimm is a highly-read blog for good reasons. It offers lots of straightforward and factual direct descriptions that provide insight into various topics, with a particular focus on social media and many other facets.

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2. Stephen Waddington

With the tagline of public relations, marketing and social media thoughts and actions, Stephen Waddington gives us just that. He is a man of many talents including being a Partner and Chief Engagement Officer, Stephen provides wise advice and insight into many aspects of public relations.

3. Mark my words

Mark Borkowski is an extraordinary man who has reinvented the business model many times, adapting to the ever-changing world of communication, since his first job as a promoter of grassroots theatre. The blog Mark My Words is a collection of deep words that are very valuable.

4. PRMoment Blog

Launched by publishing director Ben Smith in 2009, now features an eclectic mix of contributors and a variety of topics, the PRMoment Blog is interesting, because you can read various kinds of thoughts from a truly interesting group of people. Each and every person has their own unique experience and provides a variety of extraordinary suggestions.

5. L2Daily

Covering the PR industry with a special focus on brands, L2Daily is alive, courageous and full of enthusiasm, the content is always refreshing and the editorial tone is one of excitement and passion. Definitely, must be read. If you are seeking a fresh and dynamic PR company to help you with any aspects of your business, contact a PR Cheltenham company like

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7. Note Norton

With 17 years in the industry, Chris Norton knows things and uses his blog to share his opinions on crisis management, online PR, and social media. An award-winning public relations practitioner, Chris has an extraordinary head on his shoulders and this blog has a plethora of articulating knowledge.

8. PR coach

Without question, one of the best Canadian PR Blogs, The PR Coach is a collection of tips, tools and advice that really improves your skills. Every post is never lacking in greatness and you can easily spend hours devouring it.

Hopefully, here are some amazing surprises for you, and we believe these blogs will keep you informed and enthusiastic for a long time.

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