Friday May 20, 2022

What size should a ceiling rose be?

Ceiling roses were traditionally erected in the centre of ceilings to give an attractive and aesthetically pleasing finish to light fittings. Roses used to be very fashionable and have recently re-emerged, with many new homes featuring this centrepiece. It is a surprisingly affordable and easy process to incorporate a rose into a room.

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Ensure the dimensions are correct for the room

It’s important to ensure that the proportions are right for the overall size of the room and the height of the ceiling. Properties such as new builds, which tend to have lower ceilings, are better suited to smaller and simpler roses. Similarly, modern homes which have minimalist décor should not be subjected to large, imposing roses which affect the overall aesthetics. That’s better left to larger Victorian or Edwardian properties with higher ceilings that can better cope with a more decorative rose.

Furniture, the fireplace and other fixtures in the room should be considered before choosing a rose. A noticeable rose will blend in better in a room with a large centrepiece. The general rule to abide by is that the rose should not obliterate the light. It’s essential to ensure that the diameter of the rose is not much more that the diameter of the light.

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Test a rose out on your home before buying

Homeowners wishing to add ceiling rose light fittings to properties can obtain them from sites such as According to Living Etc, a classic, yet contemporary rose is the perfect partner for a freestanding bath.

It’s easy to test the sizes of roses before you make a purchase or have one incorporated into a new build. You can create a circle from coloured paper and even attach roughly made three-dimensional style decorations. Better still, get a creative child or young person to design one. You can easily attach the paper mount to the ceiling and observe it from different angles to see if it is too overpowering.

A point worth bearing in mind is that once the light is attached, this will alter the look. The light will be the main focal point, so the effect of the rose will be somewhat lessened. However, if you have plans to attach a larger light such as a chandelier, do ensure the rose does not dissolve into the background.

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