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Best Pasta Maker Accessories 2017

The purpose of this article is to educate the average pasta connoisseur on the top quality brands of pasta making accessories. This article will be focusing on the best pasta drying rack, the best pasta maker & ravioli cutter, the perfect stamp used for making ravioli shapes, and the best wooden pasta cutter roller. The products above that will be selected for this article of are top grade and highly recommended.

It’s time to take a pen and start marking down these items so you can get out there purchases them right away! I’m nearly positive that some of you are reading this article is not experienced pasta makers. In fact, most of you were reading this no doubt go to the grocery store to purchase your pasta instead of taking the time to create it at home. There’s a variety of reasons you may do this from what I have read the most fundamental reason is fear. Why are we so afraid to make homemade pasta? Is it fear of failure or perhaps fear of messing up. Sure, everyone messes up once or twice in the beginning stages of cooking but that’s natural, that’s human. Nobody is perfect, and everyone has room to make a mistake or two in life.

This is homemade pasta, not building the Hubble Telescope. You can relax. Throughout this article, you will get to read about the variety of tools and instruments used to make homemade pasta and hopefully by the end that fear of making homemade pasta will have evaporated. Once you finish reading this article I can nearly guarantee that not only will you be heading out to the store or jumping on the computer to purchase these products but you will have a big smile on your face doing it Pasta is one of those products that you might not have given much real thought into When it comes to noodle dishes, you probably just go to the store, purchase a box of Kraft Dinner, come home and toss it into a boiling pot.


Ta da! All done. But after eating the Kraft Dinner, you notice that you are not that satisfied because let’s be honest. Pre-packaged pasta never has that taste you are looking for they often taste bland or even tasteless. Some of you reading this are probably thinking “What is this person hammering on about? I don’t have time to make homemade pasta.” I can understand where you are coming from. I have quite a busy schedule myself and often wonder how I find the time to make homemade pasta. I promise you it doesn’t take as long as you may think it will As long as you have the proper pasta making tools of course. It seems that making homemade pasta at home is a forgotten art- much like cooking homemade bread. Society has made it almost too easy for us. Sure they have pre-packaged and pre-boxed pasta to tell to us in their stores at a reasonable price, but they never taste as good as we had hoped for Perhaps some of you have never experienced the taste of homemade pasta. I can promise you that once you try it, you will never purchase store bought pasta again. For a staple food that only contains water, flour and sometimes an egg, we still find ourselves intimidated or even stressed out by the idea of creating it but why? This is once again because you do not have the proper pasta making machine and tools. The time has come to step out of the shadow and try your hand at creating homemade pasta! The following is a list of all the essential tools you will need to create the best tasting homemade pasta possible.

The Best Pasta Drying Rack Some of you may be scoffing at the idea of using a pasta drying rack. You may be satisfied using a plate. Well, I can promise you that you are missing out! A pasta drying rack will improve the taste and texture of your pasta by 100%.Keep reading because you are in for a real treat. But before I reveal to you the best pasta drying rack I want you to ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What makes for a great pasta drying rack?
  2. What have you previously used as a substitute for a pasta drying rack?
  3. Why is pasta drying racks so useful? After you have asked yourself these three questions, you have probably come up with some similar conclusions. Pasta drying racks are useful because it’s possible to dry the noodles you have made to store for future use.

This is an excellent way to save time so you do not have to keep making noodles every single time you may still find yourself thinking about negative reasons and excuses that would stop you from purchasing or even using a best pasta drying rack. I can assure you that you are missing out

Drying racks are an essential component of making homemade pasta. Using a basic old plate to dry your pasta will have negative results. It will never fully dry if placed on a plate. Most pasta drying racks are quite simple in design. It features a pole, a stand, and several “arms.” Although the style is so simple, you can buy the same style in a variety of sizes. Some pasta drying racks can also include different features.

The best pasta drying rack for 2017 has to be The Technical Wizard: Kitchenaid Pasta Drying Rack. This pasta drying rack is unique as it is a brushed aluminum creation and puts style into the pasta drying rack. Although quite high (Retail price: $44.99) it is worth it you get your money’s worth with this excellent product. You can also buy this product in a wide variety of colors solely sold on The Shopping Network. But that’s not the only option. It turns out that Kitchenaid offers a payment plan for those of you who just cannot afford all of these pasta creating materials and machines. I think this is a fantastic idea because with our economy a lot of us are unable to enjoy the finer things in life. To be able to sign up for a payment plan to purchase a pasta making machine seems like a fantastic idea. So instead of paying a firm and set price all at once you can cut it down into a few small monthly payments of ten dollars or lower!

Best Pasta and Ravioli Cutter Do you find that you’ve grown tired of that boring old store bought pasta? Have you always wondered what it would be like to make and cut your fresh pasta from scratch? The people you cook pasta for are guaranteed to love you when you’ve cut the pasta shapes yourself. By now you are probably wondering what the best pasta cutting machine out there is. Well, my friend, you are in luck. The best pasta cutting machine out there is Imperia Pasta Machine This pasta machine is beautiful and chrome plated. It’s truly one of a kind. It’s not like the typical wooden pasta cutting machine you may have seen or even used This machine is widely popular and it even clamps to the side of the table you are doing your work on, leaving your hands-free. Some of the older models of pasta cutters had you holding up the machine with one hand while trying to cut the pasta with the other.

This machine leaves your hands free to feed the dough through the rollers on the tray. Also unlike other older models, the Imperia Pasta Machine is very easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about that extra gunk getting stuck to the rollers. You can purchase this excellent machine from any cookware store or online at a retail price of $56.20. Before this product was made you no doubt had been cutting the pasta yourself or only just buying pasta from the stores. I cannot fathom why anyone would do this when you purchase, cook, and ingest store bought pasta you are truly neglecting yourself from the finer tasting things in life. As you can see, $56.20 is not that much money at all I know before I was educated on these pasta making products I had assumed that cooking homemade pasta was only done by the wealthier people because I had thought that a pasta cutting machine cost hundreds of dollars. Well, I can honestly admit that I was wrong as you may be feeling as well.
The Best Stamp for Customer Ravioli Shapes If you are a pasta making connoisseur like myself then chances are you’ve made ravioli once or twice in your life. When making ravioli shapes, you probably use a knife and your finger to cut and shape the squares. Well, what if I told you that you didn’t have to do this dangerous technique anymore? A company out there has finally made a reliable ravioli stamp, and it is by far the best. The individual ravioli stamps created by Sur La Table have been proven to not only be the best but the most durable. These ravioli stamps are round and made from durable aluminum which will help you create authentically shaped ravioli. You never have to worry about odd- shaped ravioli being served to your family again. You can purchase a wide variety of different shapes and sizes of the stamp with this Sur La Table model. They have circles, squares, triangles, diamonds, hexagons, hearts, stars, and many other shapes. The heart shape stamp cutter would be perfect for Valentine’s ravioli dish. Attached to the mark is a small wooden handle that fits perfectly in your hand. Another fantastic feature about this excellent product is that it is made in Italy which you know is the pasta capital of the world! You can purchase the Sur La Table ravioli stamp for $7.00 online. A great benefit of these individual marks is that the ends are not as sharp as you may think. A child could have fun playing with the pasta cutter, making different shapes and you won’t have to worry about the child harming themselves by accident. However, you must head caution to ensure the child doesn’t put the stamp in their mouth as this could be a choking hazard as with any small object.

The Best Wooden Pasta Cutter Roller Some of you may have assumed that a simple baking roller pin was suitable enough for rolling cut pasta. This, unfortunately, is simply not true. You have no doubt come into stressful errors. The pasta just doesn’t firm enough or breaks off. You may have even tried wooden pasta cutter rollers that are out on the market and find technicalities with those products as well The best wooden pasta cutter roller out there is The Adjustable Rolling Pin By Joseph. A lot of the pasta cutter rollers on the market right now only work for that particular style of pasta. However, this magical product has four sets of removable disks at both ends that allow you to control the thickness of your pasta. You can use this cutter roller for all different kinds of pasta whereas the Italian Rolling Pin neither made by nor is strictly used for creating ravioli. Why would anyone want to spend hundreds of dollars to buy ten different types of cutter roller pins when they can have the perfect one sitting on their table at home? This product has a various measurements guide etched right onto the pin itself! Unlike other wooden pasta cutter rollers you don’t just have to use this role specifically for pasta. You can make cookies, pizza, cakes and pies. The list is endless! This product is priced at a reasonable cost of $27.00.

In conclusion, we have covered all the necessary tools you need to create excellent tasting pasta. We discussed the best pasta drying racks, the best ravioli and pasta cutter, the best stamp for customer cut ravioli and the best wooden cutter roller pin. All of these products listed above will ensure that you have fantastic tasting pasta and have a great time creating it cooking is all about enjoyment and satisfaction. I cannot picture anything more therapeutic or enjoyable than rolling up your sleeves and getting covered in flour as you create a fabulous home-cooked meal for your family and friends to enjoy. I cannot stress enough how much you are missing out when you purchase store bought pasta instead of cooking it yourself. Cooking homemade pasta can also be made into a family even-even to include young children.

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