Friday May 20, 2022

Create your own theme and look at two websites in the same tab, the new Firefox experiments you should try

For some time in Mozilla have been showing some fun and interesting features for Firefox through the program called Firefox Test Pilot. we have already tried some, such as Tab Center, Snooze Tabs and Activity Stream , or others as Containers to open pages in different containers.

These functions may or may not reach the stable version of Firefox in the future, but they are certainly worth a try. And, now we have two new experiments available on the Test Pilot page , one called Color and another called Side View .


This experiment is something that will undoubtedly love the lovers of customization, with Color you can create your own theme for Firefox in a very simple way. It is a simple tool that lets you choose between different combinations of colors and background textures.

It is extremely easy to use and you can change practically all the elements of the browser, the colors of the icons, the edges, the background of the tabs, the URL bar, etc. You can share the topics you create or save them for you alone.

In addition to this, the people of Firefox have included a lot of predesigned themes to help you get started, whether they inspire you or you like those and you have a good way to give Firefox a new look . All this is very similar to Vivaldi’s personalization options, without a doubt.

Side View

This other experiment is more oriented to productivity than to appearance. Side View serves to see two pages side by side , that is, you can look at two tabs at the same time in the same window.

What it does is add a new button to your toolbar so that by pressing it you can divide not the screen, but the browser in two sections with two different websites .

Side View showing the mobile version of YouTube to better adapt to the size of the view that the user chooses

The function is adaptive, so it shows a mobile version of a website to show the site in a smaller space. It’s an excellent way to improve multitasking in Firefox.

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