Friday May 20, 2022

Reshot, lots of free stock photos, unique, hand-picked and totally free to use

Because if something never remains, they are free things. In Reshot you get a large library of free-use stock images , your license allows you to download, copy, modify, distribute and use the photos both personally and commercially without attribution.

Reshot is considered a platform for the discovery of photos , photos in high quality and completely free. The selection is chosen by hand by the administrators of the site instead of using some automatic aggregation system.

It is basically a website very much in the style of the famous Unsplash , which in fact was a source of inspiration for the people behind Reshot. But, surprisingly it is not another place where you are going to get the same photos as in Unsplash , something that happens a lot in the world of free stock photos sites.

They also offer photo packages on some topic that you can download in exchange for a tweet and thus save time.

Another unique feature of Reshot are the packs or packages of photos on a given subject. These offer you a curated photo collection that you can download in a single link to save time . In exchange for the download they only ask you for a tweet, it is a way to publicize the platform.

Reshot is quite new and at the moment quite simple too. The only thing you have on the home page is the search engine and the gallery of photos that are trend, a list that has infinite scroll. Clicking on a photo opens a new tab immediately.

The individual page of each photo only shows the name of the author, the resolution and offers a button to download. It is a very minimalist site, not to say basic. Its appeal is obviously in the quality of the photos you get, and in that there are many.

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