Monday May 23, 2022

Seven simple daily routines to make the house look neat and clean

This would undoubtedly be a good new year’s purpose . Because to enjoy a house that is collected and ordered is not only an aesthetic question. Numerous studies show that a beautiful and collected home has a positive impact on our mood and can get us to have better mood, improve our rest, and could even increase our quality of life.

For this reason, we propose seven routines to make your house look always collected. They are simple routines and will prevent you from returning home after a long day of work to find dirty breakfast dishes on the table.



  • Ventilate the bedroom with the bed wide open while you shower or while you make coffee.
  • Make the bed daily (a great habit) that does not take more than three minutes and whose benefits go beyond the pleasure of getting into a well made bed. Because according to the experts, making the bed is a way to successfully complete the first task of the day, which has a positive impact on our self-esteem and prepares you for the rest of the day.
  • Collect the remains of breakfast . If you do not have time to leave it clean and in its place, at least put everything in the dishwasher or, at least in the sink, so you will not find it when you get home.


  • Keep all countertop surfaces in the house collected .

There are three surfaces that if you keep them clear they will make your house look neat. The countertop in the kitchen; the bathroom sink and the coffee table in the living room .

To achieve this, it is enough to be careful and everything you use puts it back in its place.

At home use this rule, do not leave a room empty-handed, there is always something else to leave in its place and it does not involve any effort.

  • Do not leave when you get home the things supported by the view on the chair or the dining table .

It is very common for the dining room to serve as a dumping area for everything. If you do it systematically analyze if it is due to sloppiness or because you do not have a specific site for each thing.

If it’s due to sloppiness it’s time to change your habit, and if it’s due to lack of space, put a remedy and prepare a hole in a closet or place a coat rack in the entrance to leave the jackets. Also, look for a shelf for day-to-day things. It can be a hole in the shoe rack, in the chest of drawers in the entrance, a shelf in a closet …

  • At night, follow the breakfast rule. While you prepare dinner, pick up the counter and at the end, do not go to bed without collecting dinner plates , at least leave them in the dishwasher.
  • Before going to bed prepare the clothes that you will wear the next day . There are no excuses now that we can know the time it will make the next day. With this routine you save yourself the morning stress of thinking what to wear and, above all, you will save yourself taking more clothes out of the closet that you then have to fold again or worse, it will stay scattered in the rush and will welcome you on the way back.
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