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Polo terms & phrases to know

 Do you love a nice Farah Polo Shirt? Did you know that they are linked to the sport of Polo?

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 It is thought that the Polo shirt was designed to be used by the Polo teams in India back in the 19th Century and then fashion and the sport was brought back to the United Kingdom by soldiers who were based in India. 

If you have never seen a Polo match before there are some terms and phrases that you will want to  know. Here are a few of them for you to have a look through. 

Line of the Ball – This is the line that the ball travels to its destination once it has been hit. This line should not be crossed once the ball has been hit as it will result in a major foul.

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 Foul – Some of the most common fouls that occur during a match include

       Crossing the line of the ball

       Hooking about the shoulder

       Riding into another players swing

       Standing on the way of the ball

       Playing on the wrong side of the horse

Take a Man – This is the main principle of the game and how you go about this will depend very much on the position that you play. It is essentially where you find a player on the opposing team and ride your horse close to theirs.


Exploring the Historic Monasteries of the Wicklow Mountains

The Wicklow mountains national park is one of the most stunning scenic parks in the country, and visitors are awestruck at the beautiful scenery that awaits them. Walkers are attracted to the area to enjoy the beautiful walking routes and families enjoy coming for a picnic and a place where the children can play, far away from the busy towns and cities, and people come to enjoy a holiday away from all the problems of the modern world – remember to wrap up warm and bring some mens aran sweaters as the Irish weather can still be unpredictable even during the summer!

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Another reason that people come to this stunning national park is the fascinating history which can be explored and enjoyed by visitors. The monastic sites, dating back to the 6th Century can still be found today. Established by St Kevin during the 6th Century, the monasteries were founded, and were thriving for centuries, and despite many wars and famine, the monasteries continued to prosper until the 18th Century when a shift in political power in the region saw them fall into ruin.

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As the monastic settlement was so large, there are many sites that can be discovered in the area. Some of the include the cathedral, the priest’s house and the gateway to the monastic city itself, as well as St Kevin’s bed, which is actually a small cave in the side of one of the cliffs. So large was this settlement at one time that it had over 1000 people living and working on the land in the area.

Benefits of a Clean Desk Policy

What is this policy? If this is unfamiliar to you, it relates to instructions to staff about how they must leave their workstations at the end of each day. Employees can feel that additional tasks are not needed and don’t want to do anything else before clocking off. However, there are tons of advantages to having a cleaner, more organized workspace for both staff and the company as a whole.

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Make your workspace safer

Allowing documents to be left out can put your business in a perilous position. If there is confidential information, then allowing it to be seen could leave companies at risk of data theft or violation of information security.

Compliance issues

In the UK, the Data Protection Act requires that all personal information is kept secure. If businesses do not secure their information, they are at risk of being prosecuted or fined. If you need help with cleaning to achieve a clear desk policy, contact Office cleaners City Of London at a site like Classic Cleaning, a supplier of Office cleaners City Of London

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Become more efficient

Research has shown that employees spend two hours a day on average just looking for information. Consider if a clear desk policy can help your employees to be more efficient and organized. Perhaps a shift to more digital work can avoid the need for the storage of so many documents?


The other King of Wessex

Following the BBC/Netflix programme The Last Kingdom most of us know about King Alfred the Great, who, despite preserving Anglo-Saxon Britain from the Danes, burnt the cakes. There were some other Kings from that period that deserve a mention. One of them is Alfred’s grandson Athelstan. He was born somewhere in Wessex and was able to continue keeping the Kingdoms all together, especially the troublesome Mercia. Britain was a deeply divided nation with Danes and Vikings firmly established in their own Kingdoms plus the remains of the Romano-Britons in Strathclyde, Wales and Cornwall and the Scots/Picts in Scotland.

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He was not crowned in Wessex which set up some tension and he was not fully accepted there. It took him some years to subdue Wessex and the doubting Mercians. When he was fully in power he began to flex his muscle even more. His first big achievement was to drive the Danes out of York and become the first proper King of all England which his Grandfather had failed to do. He also invaded Scotland to make them claim homage to him.

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Outside of battle he was also able to bring his government to a central control point. He summoned leaders from all over the country to come to his court thus reinforcing his authority. He built churches and brought in more laws and fair taxes. He was very concerned about law and order. He died unmarried and childless and is buried in Malmesbury Abbey in Wiltshire in Wessex. Just one of the many historical attractions that Wiltshire Park Homes owners can see. Why not check out to see for yourself.

Caring for someone with Korsakoff Syndrome

It can be difficult if your family member or someone you are the caregiver for to has a drinking problem. However, families and caregivers can play an important role in supporting people who abuse alcohol and help them to remain alcohol-free after treatment. If you care for someone with an alcohol problem, a GP or other care professional should ask them whether they want you to get involved in their care.

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If your family members or friends agree, you should be given information about alcohol abuse and how you can support them during treatment. For example, you might be able to support them when they take medication and you may also be involved in their mental care. However, staff should adhere to confidentiality if they do not want to have other people involved in their treatment, or prefer some details be kept private.

As a caregiver or relative, you might benefit from support for yourself. You should be asked about the effects of problem drinking on you and other family members (including children and their education and relationships). They must provide advice and information about it. Anyone with a caring role has a right to this information as a carer. For more information on Korsakoff Syndrome and care, visit a site like ARBD Care, a provider of care services for Korsakoff Syndrome.

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Care staff should ask about your needs and those of other family members and should offer services to help. These may include:

providing self-help materials

support groups, such as self-help groups specifically for families and caregivers of people with drinking problems.

If this does not help, you may be offered family meetings to:

provide more information and education about problem drinking

help you to identify the type of stress associated with problem drinking

help you to develop ways of coping.

Do you want to go Back to the Future with Marty McFly?

Time travel! Is it possible?  Many classic films have successfully in-cooperated the theme of “Time Travel” and probably none more so than the American, Science Fiction, smash hit movie series, “Back to the Future”.  Starring Michael. J. Fox as seventeen-year-old Marty McFly who befriends the eccentric Scientist “Doc Emmett Brown” and then travels back in time in a specially adapted “DeLorean” car.  Marty ends up back in the year 1955 and meets his “Mother” Lorraine, then a young, single flirtatious girl at their family home, sitting on the Verandas Stratford Upon Avon, supplied by a company such as

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Complicated twists and turns see Marty plot for his future Mum and Dad, flirtatious Lorraine and wimpy George to meet and fall in love by persuading a reluctant George to stand up to his nemesis, bully “Biff Tanner” at the School dance.  He then manages to track down the young “Doc Brown” and convinces him that he has travelled from the future.  “Doc” rigs up the town, Clock Tower to an electrical circuit and when an expected bolt of lightning strikes the tower the “DeLorean” with Marty safely inside it, is sent “Back to the Future”!

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When Marty arrives back in 1985, he discovers a completely different, now confidant dad, George and loving Mum, Lorraine because of the way George had stood up to bully “Biff Tanner” at the dance.  At the end of the film the “Doc” arrives and warns Marty and his girlfriend Jennifer that there is a major problem in their futures and they have to travel with him immediately into that future to resolve it!

What is EPDM Rubber Roofing?

EPDM is a type of roofing material that is one of the most durable systems available for flat roofing. It is also used as a solution for a leaky roof. Ethylene and propylene are the two main ingredients sourced from natural gas and oil.

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EPDM Rubber Roofing

The material itself is available in black or white and comes in various widths depending on the requirements needed for the installation. There are 3 ways that EPDM can be installed:

fully lined


mechanically attached

Either liquid or adhesive tape can be used to cover the seams of the roof system.

Maintenance of the EPDM Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing is very tough and resistant to damage but as time goes on, it will need occasional cleaning and repair. Keeping the material protected is a fairly simple task that will help you to get the most from your system. Find out more about Flat Roofing Bristol at a site like

Occasional cleaning of the rubber will assist in maintaining its strength. Ensure that the cleaning procedures in place will ensure that it remains resistant to potential cracking from heat exposure.

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Rubber Roofing Systems

Any debris on the roof like leaves or stones should be cleared away so the gutters don’t block. Dirt and stains like algae or stubborn moss can be cleaned with a mixture of warm water and washing up liquid.

As with any roof maintenance, prevention is always better than cure. Check and clean the roof at least 2-4 times a year which will allow you to stay on top of anything that requires attention. The faster the damage is noticed, the faster it can be repaired without running up unnecessarily high bills.

Keeping Your First Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are one of the most popular pets and are an especially good choice for children. If your child is wanting a pet a guinea pig is a fantastic choice. They are a great way to teach children about the responsibilities of pet ownership and are not as full on as cats or dogs.  Despite this they are still loving, interactive and engaging pets.

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If you are new to the world of guinea pig ownership, there are a few things that you need to know before collecting your first guinea pigs. It is better to keep them in pairs or groups, as in the wild they would live in a social group. If you do not want them to breed it is important to ensure that they are all the same sex of course, as guinea pigs are prolific breeders!


Most people keep them outdoors, but some people keep them indoors. Whatever choice you make they will need a run of their own. You can buy one, or make your own using some wood from somewhere such as these timber merchants Southampton, and some wire mesh. Make sure the hutch is up off of the ground and secure from potential predators if they are outdoors, such as foxes and cats.

Provide plenty of toys as guinea pigs are quite active – they enjoy tunnels and tubes to run through. Also consider the weather if they are outdoors – make sure that they have plenty of fresh hay bedding in the winter and in the summer they have a shelter from the sun or that the hutch is in a shaded area as hot temperatures cause them distress.

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If you are keeping them indoors, make sure that the area you are keeping them is safe from chemicals and not in a part of the home that is too busy. If you let them out of the hutch for a run around, keep an eye on electric cables and any small holes where they may be able to run into and get stuck, such as behind cupboards and appliances.

How to Decide Which Style of Garage Door Will Suit My Property

The first step is to determine the style of your home. A one-piece style garage door has the greatest use, as they are strong and sturdy. However, they do get fairly heavy to lift for some people. A panel-style garage door is also a good choice, but the roof structure is more susceptible to damage in bad weather. In this case, a track style is best. It is very easy to operate and highly efficient, as well as saving money as it does not need as much structural support. For advice on installation and Garage Door Repair Gloucester, visit a site like

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Once you have determined what style of garage door you want, start looking for the best quality track. For the most part, you want to find tracks that fit the type of door you have, so be sure to check out all the information on your door before you buy. You should also look at all the options available for this type of door, including the distance between the track and the actual opening. There are several different types of track, such as vertical, standard radius and roof pitch tracks. There are many available today, so do your research and find out the type that best suits your home and your needs.

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Once you know what style of door you want, you need to decide who will install it. Choose a garage door specialist with great reviews and plenty of experience in the industry.


Being more security conscious

Theft is a crime that occurs every 40 seconds in the UK and is a crime that affects many people. Burglary is classified as a forced entry to a residence for the purpose of committing a crime of theft. It is a very emotional experience and upsetting to find that you have been robbed. It’s not just that you might have lost valuable property but also that your private, personal space has been attacked. Even if nothing is stolen, the thought of a stranger is in your home can be very distressing.

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Some homeowners may feel they are to blame if they neglected to lock the door or window, or they were deceived by thieves, but remember not to blame yourself. Everybody makes mistakes when it comes to security, but that does not mean you intentionally invited thieves in! Look around your property and try to assess where security can be improved. Maybe it’s time for the doors and windows to be upgraded. New double glazed UPVC windows and doors has some great security features and makes it much more difficult for thieves to enter. Find out more about UPVC Windows Swindon at a site like Kingfisher windows, suppliers of UPVC Windows Swindon

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Some security tips:

Keep ladders out of sight

Do not leave open the side gate and check that they are locked and secure

Do not leave low level windows open at night even during the summer

Install new windows and doors to increase security

Leave some lights on or the radio on when you go out

Check all doors and windows are locked before you go out