Saturday May 21, 2022

Are you going to the gym and still not see results? These are the real reasons


Go to the gym or playing sports has become mandatory for many in recent years ritual: for the health and aesthetics no longer occupies second place on the agenda of people, but on the contrary, has become a priority. In turn, the fitness fads bombard us on social networks and increasingly more difficult to ignore us and seemingly beneficial proposal begins to draw us.

In addition, almost inevitably we came across photographs of people who went through radical changes in your body through exercise and invite us to commit ourselves in the same way as them.

However, sometimes we can become discouraged along the way if we see the results we want. But quiet, there may be a detail that you keep ignoring and that could be very important. Here you can meet some reasons that may be depriving yourself to see real changes.

Are you constantly?

Many say they go to the gym regularly, but the reality is that not do it with the necessary evidence. To get the results you want in the gym, you should maintain a routine and respect: if you propose to go at least 4 times a week, be sure to go 3.

If you go sporadically when you have the time or are motivated, you will never accomplish your goal. Pay attention and do not fool yourself!


Alternate exercises?

Maybe you started to see some results, but you have reached a point where everything remains the same. It is likely that if you adhere to the same exercise routine every day for a long time no longer has the same effect on your body. Also, do the same thing every day can become very boring and demotivating, and that’s when you start to miss.

The variety of options exercises and disciplines that exist today is infinite. Do not fear the weights, because if you lift a proper weight and nothing bad will happen to burn more calories.

Do you care your diet?

As much as ignore it , ” we are what we eat ” and more exercise you make, if you do not eat properly is very likely not see results reflected in your body. If you go to the gym Monday to Monday but your diet is based on calorie meals packed with fat and sugar, you will not get any results. It incorporates more fruits, vegetables and lean protein to your meals and eliminates containing a lot of sugar and fat.

They not only allow you to lose weight but are essential for exercising when you can perform at your best.

But remember, this is not to prohibit those meals you enjoy most, like pizza and sweets: it is a balance and, whenever possible, makes healthy choices.

Quality, not quantity

You can make a million and a half squats or crunches, but if you do not do it the right way, will be completely in vain and even worse because you could hurt yourself.

It is not necessary that you hire your own personal trainer. Consultation videos on the Internet or ask your gym teacher, sure tell you to know what is the proper way to perform each exercise.

You must mentalize!

This is one of the most challenging and difficult to reach parts: conquer the mind. If from the start your thinking is negative and everything you do involves a wrenching sacrifice, you’re not going on the right track. It is very easy to lose motivation and give up everything, especially when you first start. Anyway, remember that these thoughts will not help anything.

Change your mind; you think that every time you go to practice, you’ll do better than last time: more weight lifting, running longer, enjoy it and not regret it. Another aspect to consider is trying to be as patient as possible and not expect to see results after 2 weeks of training. Such changes do not happen overnight.

I assure you that if you consider all this, you will begin to see results and feel great. The amount of time it takes you depends entirely on you and how committed you are to this challenge. The more perseverance, positivity and keep balance, the faster it will be. In addition, it will start to like this routine and instead involve an effort, it will be a pleasure every time you do.

Gradually you will adapt this way of life almost without realizing it and not go back to your unhealthy habits.

What are you waiting for? In one year, you would appreciate having done today. Be Proud of yourself!

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