Friday May 27, 2022

What Are Oak Roof Trusses

An open fascia style roof design can convert a small attic space into a large open airy room, enabling more light to penetrate into the entire room. All oak roof truss systems, like the ones from Timberpride are derived from the unique structural properties of rectangular trusses. The most complex trusses are made up of a series of connected straight trisected triangles. Other less complex trusses can be made from a single set of cross-connected angles, or by using an arched truss design. Regardless of the method used, the truss system is primarily built from galvanized steel with an eye to resist corrosion from water.

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The most common form of an open fascia truss design is the flat top truss, which is essentially a long narrow steel beam with a flat top edge. This is then connected to the bottom truss which forms the first joint of the system. The other most common form of oak truss is the box joint truss, which is a short straight beam with a slight slope to it. Both these types of truss are extremely robust and have the ability to support a much greater weight.

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Oak roof trusses feature a simple, single width design which maximizes the span of beams while still providing adequate spacing so that loads can be distributed equally between beams. The most important feature of a single width truss is that it is one of the easiest to install. Some of the best quality single width roof trusses feature triceps which are custom sized in order to work with specific building construction. This feature truss design is also useful because it allows the use of varying triceps on different styles of roofs, which can enhance the aesthetic appeal and increase efficiency.

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