Wednesday May 18, 2022

A Sea-Side Wedding? Bournemouth Has It All!

For a romantic sea-side wedding, Bournemouth could be the perfect choice. An estimated seven miles of picture-perfect golden sandy beaches can provide an amazing backdrop to fun and quirky wedding pictures, whilst the various parks and gardens in and around the town are equally scenic. Those wanting to give their wedding a touch of the traditional sea-side theme will love the quaint beach huts and striking cliffs, and the truly brave might venture to enjoy some of the warmest sea waters to be found in the UK.


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Attractions for All

During the planning stage of most people’s weddings, choosing the right location and finding a venue will be of paramount importance. Fortunately, the town has a large number of officially licensed venues for wedding ceremonies, ranging from the traditional to the more unusual properties such as the school building used for the wedding of a BBC radio DJ earlier this year.

Beach-side receptions have become increasingly popular with those wanting to celebrate a little element of traditional Britishness on their big day, and few things are more quintessentially British than the seaside. Sea-facing restaurants and reception venues with a view can be one option, whilst others with a more casual vision for their wedding might choose to host a picnic actually on the beach itself. With brightly coloured deckchairs, bunting and hampers full of goodies, this can be one way to make sure people always remember the wedding. The beaches in Bournemouth all have excellent reputations for enjoyment all year round. And there’s always the famous pier for an immediately recognisable photo opportunity.

Things To Consider

If you’re planning a seaside wedding and think Bournemouth could be a contender, a good idea is to get in touch with local companies and see whether this is something they are able to accommodate. You will find that businesses such as Nick Rutter Photography are very happy to discuss ideas with potential clients, working together to create the images which will provide memories of the wedding for the rest of your lives. For a wedding photographer Dorset based companies will be thrilled to have the chance to do something a little different and to make use of the amazing natural beauty of the area and its beaches within the classic wedding imagery.

Additionally, in destinations such as Bournemouth, it’s important to consider the holiday season and the impact this might have on the ability to make reservations. Hotels and other types of accommodation may be booked up quickly for peak dates, meaning it could be harder for guests to find places to stay. Consider choosing a date at the start or end of the summer, or discuss block bookings with accommodation providers to secure availability.

When it comes to the sea-side wedding, though, there can be few things more enjoyable on a summer’s day. Think ice creams and sandcastles, vintage-style bridesmaid dresses and splashes of bright colour, and it’ll be a day to remember forever.

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