Monday May 23, 2022

Carry Out These Safety Checks After You Buy a New Home

Getting the keys to your new property is a thrill as you look forward to stamping your identity on your home. It represents a new chapter in your life. You are in good company, as there were 104,820 residential and 11,570 non-residential property transactions in the UK in January, according to an HM Revenue & Customs report. However, more than one-third of property buyers fail to carry out electrical and other safety checks beforehand.

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Stop Sparks From Flying

Checking the electrical system is very important, especially as more than one-third of home buyers discover problems they were unaware of beforehand, according to am Electrical Safety First report. If they had an Electrical Installation Condition Report carried out when the survey was done, this could have been avoided. Likewise check out gas appliances too.

Check Out the Heating

Make sure the vents are not blocked and take a look at pipes to make sure they are not corroded, rusty or leaking. Find out where to turn off the water in case of a problem.

Changing the lLocks

It is always advisable to change the locks when you move in, just in case there is another set of keys lying around. A Belfast locksmith, such as can advise on the best types of security for you. Check the windows can be securely locked and are not easily opened. You will need sturdy dead-bolt door locks and reliable window latches. Again, you can discuss this with your locksmith. If you leave a spare key outside so that you don’t lock yourself out, be creative about where you put it. Burglars will look under flowerpots or mats to check for keys. A home security system is another consideration.

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Getting Alarmed

If your house has smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, make sure they have fresh batteries and work properly. If there aren’t any, you should get them fitted. Fire extinguishers are also handy in case of an emergency, with the kitchen being a good place to keep one.

With these safety checks in place, you can unpack your belongings with the confidence that your home is secure. We would advise that you carry out annual checks of electrical and gas appliances, as well as regularly checking your locks and alarms.

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