Friday May 20, 2022

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

In a world where most products are disposable after a couple of years, solar panels are the exception to our societal buy and throw away program. Solar panels are not just built to last with very durable materials, but they really don’t have have any moving parts, making them much less prone to breaking down, like a car or a computer. It’s not uncommon to see solar panels from 1980’s still up and running. However they’re not collecting as efficiently as the solar panels produced today or as efficiently as they use to.

Typically Edmonton solar panels are lasting 35 years or longer! It is important to note however they do lose a tiny bit of efficiency over the years. Solar panel performance does decrease about ½ a percent every year. But long term, you can think of it as this; after 30 years your solar panels will still be 85% efficient at collecting solar energy. That’s still pretty high efficiency after 30 years, not many products have a track record like that!

It is important to note however that the inverter of solar panels do need to be replaced about every 10 years. This is the part that takes the solar energy and turns it into usable electricity in your home. However, the new inverters are lasting 14 years or more and technology is advancing at a very fast pace, thus it’s likely that inverters are catching up to durability of solar panels.

Most solar panels on the market today come with a extended warranty and this is what protects your investment the best. A product that withstands the test of time with a proven track record and a great warranty,  makes purchasing a solar system a stress free experience. When building or renovating your retirement or dream home solar panels are one of the smartest, safest and cost saving investments you can make.

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