Saturday May 21, 2022

Gain more living space after covid and light up your home

A new loft conversion can offer an exciting fresh space to design, and you will no doubt want to make sure it looks great! But before you go ahead and choose a colour scheme and buy furniture, you should consider lighting – even as early as the planning stage.

Lighting in Loft Conversions

Halogen lights

Halogen lamps are known for their sheer brightness and ideal for mimicking daylight. So, if your loft space receives little natural light, consider having halogen lights installed to immediately brighten it. Just be aware they can become very hot, so the ceiling is a good place to have them installed so that they are out of the way.

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Low-energy bulbs

These gradually burn brighter the longer they go, so if you are patient, low-energy bulbs can be a great way to save money on your energy bills. Remember to consider installing Downlight Covers to prevent heat escaping through light fittings. For more information, visit a site like

Free standing lamps

Available in a variety of different styles, they can stand in a corner and make a wonderful feature while adding a touch of contemporary or classic styling for your attic space as well. Make sure they are not too tall to fit round the edges of your room, as loft spaces often have low, sloping walls and ceiling.

Dimmer switch

Dimmer switches allow you to control the light levels in your room so you can create the desired effect easily just by turning the switch. For example, when you want to wind down, rotate to the low setting so you can relax. Having a switch mounted on the side of your bed is a good place as if you are in bed, you can easily change the settings if you need more light without being disturbed.

Think outside the box when you consider which have lights fitted. Permanent light fittings do not just need to go on the ceiling. Wall lamps can be effective, especially spot lights mounted on a low level.

Also, if you have the original beams in your attic, you could fit a spotlight on them in order to lighten the darkest part of the room, making it look bigger and brighter.

Windows in Loft Conversions

As well as the use of artificial lighting, natural lighting is the best way to make your attic space look larger. Having a lot of windows, or one or two larger windows, is sure to bring as much natural light as possible, creating a light and airy space – plus it will keep your energy bills lower because you will not have to rely on artificial lighting as much!

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Velux windows

Placed on the side walls, having one or more skylight windows, as well as a large main window can lighten your room perfectly, and add character to your conversion, giving it an original appearance.

Whatever you decide to use the loft space for, you will most likely need lighting, so why not consider some of the above lighting ideas for your loft conversion, so you can have a beautiful new room style in your home that you can be proud to show off!

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