Wednesday May 18, 2022

Top 4 Xmark Outdoor Surface Protection

Are you looking for surface protection for protecting your outdoor surface? You can opt for Xmark brand and get the perfect solution to your problem. The top 4 Xmark surface protective items include Foundation Wrap, House Wrap, Pipe Protection and Stripper. Let’s check out their various uses for protecting your home.

Foundation Wrap

It offers maximum protection to your outdoor surface. In fact it works as a perfect barrier for preventing soil moisture from being drawn into a concrete foundation. Moreover it offers a barrier against the hydrostatic weight of rainwater from being pushed through your foundation wall. The hollow design offers a small space between your foundation wall and the wrap. The covering allows the air to be circulated freely. This wrap is created from High Density Polyethylene and so this heavy duty material doesn’t require any special board for protection.

House Wrap

This also provides standard protection. The monolithic House Wrap of Xmark It It substitutes micro-perforated as well as micro-porous House Wrap technologies. Its non-woven Polypropylene film doesn’t have any hole or pore. Moreover its breathable coating helps to block the transmission of moisture from the outside to the inner surface of your home. If you compare Xmark House Wrap with Asphalt Saturated Kraft, you will find that Xmark House Wrap has more resistance to tear or break. It is durable for long-term water, UV rays and wind exposure. This sheathing offers good hydrostatic resistance and forms an excellent air barrier. Another advantage is that this product serves as an intrinsic barrier to bacteria. You don’t have to take any tension of purchasing this product as it is approved for sale in the USA as well as in Canada. Furthermore this product conforms to ICC-ES, BMEC and CCMC standards.

Pipe Protection

It is another great surface protection from Xmark. This is designed for repairing cracked joints or any leakage in your pipe. You can use it easily for your pipe. Moreover it is cost-effective and heat resistant. You can apply the fiberglass cloth to wet surface. As a result there is no need for draining the pipe. If you purchase a pipe protection kit from Xmark, you will find a pack of Epoxy Resin that helps to make a strong bond. The pipe surface protection is also safe for your use. It is non-toxic, non-combustible and has no odor. So you won’t have any problem in using it for the leaks and cracks of your pipe.


You can also get hold of Xmark Stripper for providing extra protection to your surface. It is perfect for using as a paint stripper. You can use this water based Thixotropic liquid gel stripper for removing old paints as well as coatings. It doesn’t contain Carcinogens, Methylene Chloride or Chlorinated solvents. In order to strip the coating, the stripper can take several minutes or even several hours. It varies with the temperature, type of coating removed as well as the total number of layers present. Moreover it is environmentally friendly, extremely effective and easy to use. So you can use this single step solution for any application.

Choose the best brand for shielding your outdoor surface and protect your home in a perfect way. Several products are available online at attractive rates. Get hold of the best one and enhance the durability of your home.

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