Friday May 20, 2022

What Can Go Wrong on My Moving Day?

If you are planning to move in the near future, no matter how much preparation you may put into planning your move, some things are just bound to go wrong. Maybe you hadn’t thought to measure the width of your front door and compared it to the dimensions of that clunky couch you’re moving, or you forgot to replace the window screen you broke a few years back. These small, last minute challenges can be a burden when you’re already stressed, but taking a moment to at least review the most common and unexpected challenges other movers have faced may help you prepare for something you otherwise would be unprepared for.

What Can Go Wrong on My Moving Day

Let’s take a look!

Cannot Locate Important Items

One fairly common problem on moving day is that you packed some very important things that you need instant access to, such as medication or identification. It may not be very practical to search through every box for the missing items, but if you really need it, you may not have another option. To avoid this mistake, be sure to pack an emergency kit that has all the important things you need, such as important documents, a first aid kit, and medication. If you have kids, also remember to keep their favorite toys on hand. A toy may not seem like it fits in an emergency kit, but when you have a screaming child, it could make all the difference.

Household Item or Furniture Breaks

During a move, household items or furniture can break if not packed and stored properly. To prevent this problem it is important that you wrap everything that is breakable in cloth or newspaper. It is equally important that you pack the moving truck or moving container properly. Be sure to pack heavier items first and then put lighter items on top. Before you move, it is also a good idea to update your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance and make sure that any damage done to your belongings while moving is included in your policy.

Bad Weather

Another common moving problem is bad weather, like snow or rain, on moving day. This unavoidable problem may actually delay your move until the weather clears up, or you can take a chance and use tarp to cover your belongings as you move them in and out of your home. However, you do risk damaging your items during the moving process.

One great solution that could avoid this problem all together is to use a portable storage container. You can rent these containers for several days, which allows you to pack and unpack when the weather is clear. If they are calling for rain on your planned moving day, having a storage container will allow you to pack early. You can also leave the storage container at your new home until the weather clears enough to unpack.

Running Out of Space

One of the most common things that go wrong on moving day is that you run out of space to move your things. This is probably because you underestimated just how many things you have and it all just does not fit in the truck or moving container you chose to use. This may mean that you have to get rid of some things, make several trips, repack the whole truck or container, or just order a second portable storage container. If you used a professional portable storage  service they may be able to have a second storage container to you in just a few hours.

 Knowing the common problems that may occur on moving day will help you be better prepared and potentially avoid these problems with your moving process.

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