Friday May 20, 2022

Why Hire a Tree Surgeon?

Tree surgeons are specialists in caring for trees. They have been trained in the needs of all species of trees, are highly knowledgeable and have the right equipment to complete work safely and correctly. Hiring a tree surgeon is an important decision as investing in the right care for your trees will have a significant return. Well-attended trees are a beautiful sight, can add value to your home and can help them to live a longer life. Not caring for trees can turn them into liabilities. The pruning or removal of trees is also dangerous work and should only ever be done by those qualified to do so.

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What is a tree surgeon?

The definition of a tree surgeon is a professional who is trained in the science of caring for trees, maintaining them and planting them too. They gain this knowledge through extensive training and considerable experience. For a Dorset Tree Surgeon, visit

What services can a trees surgeon provide?

Pruning – they can decide which type of pruning methods are necessary for maintaining or improving the health of different tree species making look better, improving their health and making them safer. Different methods for pruning can include the removal of tree limbs that interfere with structures or power lines, obstruction of pavements, decayed branches, storm damage, disease or pest infestation.

Planting – some tree surgeons can advise on the planting of new trees, specifically which areas are best and which species are recommended for maximum results.  Planting the wrong tree in the wrong location can store up problems for the future.

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Tree Removal- Sometimes the removal of a tree is the safest option and where this is the case, tree surgeons can help with the decision and the work required. Tree Removal is often recommended when a tree is dying or dead, poses a large risk, causing harm to other more important tree species or is causing an obstruction too great to be dealt with by pruning.

Emergency- A tree surgeon can help in an emergency situation, for example, storm damage to ensure that there is no further risk of property damage.  Storm damage can cause tree limbs or the whole tree to fall, so it’s important to have a professional deal with the danger posed by this kind of incident.

Health Care – Keeping a tree healthy and offering advice and treatment in the case of disease or pest problems. This also involves cabling or bracing a tree to offer support to any parts that are weakened for whatever reason. A tree surgeon can also help with soil aeration advice to help improve the growth of the roots. Disease and insect prevention measures can be carried out.

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