Wednesday May 18, 2022

Regular Consumption of Winstrol Steroids Can Get You Lean Mass and Muscle

Winstrol supplement are consumed by bodybuilders in order to build up their muscle mass. If you are a body builder planning on entering competitions, then you might want to try out these steroids to improve your chances of winning.

Composition of Winstrol

Winstrol is a 17 alpha methylated anabolic steroid that can be consumed either orally or through injections. If you thought that body building was just hitting the gym, working out and maintaining a strict diet, then you need to think again. It is much more than that. All those lean muscle mass and well developed physique can also be due to steroids like Winstrol.

Many of the bodybuilders prefer to use Winstrol steroids in cycles. This can either be used to bulk up or lose fat. If you want to add bulk to your body, then you might have to set a week’s cycle to get your body adjusted to these steroids. Here you can make use of other anabolic steroids and combine these with your regular protein or other supplements.

The role of other supplements comes into play when you gain weight, while adding bulk. These supplements can quickly counteract the effect by converting these fats into muscles. If you want to get more information about Winstrol steroids then you can check for reviews given on online medical websites.

Combining Testosterone and Winstrol Steroids

Now that you know a bit about Winstrol steroids, the next question is whether you can combine these with other bulk building or strengthening steroids. The answer to this is yes. Winstrol steroids can be combined with testosterone steroids. The combined effect of these steroids includes:

  • It can help to repair damaged muscles caused due to strain
  • It helps in the cutting cycle
  • Faster means to get a toned and lean body

Recommended Dosages for Oral or Injections

The recommended dosage for both oral steroids and injections is 50mg per day for 6 cutting cycles. The oral steroids will work till 8 – 9 hours whereas the effects from the injections will last up to 48 hours.

Mild side effects from these steroids include joint pains that can be reduced by intake of Vitamin C or calcium supplements. Some may even experience liver issues that too can be reduced with medications.


If you suffer from medical conditions, you may want to take advice from your coach or doctor to find out if Winstrol steroids will suit you. Simply do not rely on these steroids to woo their magic on you. You too need to do your bit.

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