Wednesday May 18, 2022

Why We Need to Restore Historic Buildings

Restoring the historic structures of the UK is incredibly important but in an increasingly difficult economic period, some say that money should be spent on more important matters. Why bother with maintaining the dilapidated buildings of the past? When something is deemed historic, it usually means that it has significance worthy of preserving and can offer a great investment in the future of society as well. Here we examine some of the reasons why restoring historic buildings is useful:

Architecture – ‘They don’t make them like they used to do ‘, is a phrase we hear all the time, and this can apply to architecture as well as other things. Old buildings can be full of exciting surprises and designs and methods that are no longer practiced. The nature of the period has a unique character and personality, with a unique appeal that may not be duplicated elsewhere. To discard this could mean losing its unique architecture forever.

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Culture – Old buildings and monuments give depth and substance to the culture of a region. They are the backbone of the local culture and a reminder of the past in that area. Buildings offer a sense of heritage and culture unique to that place. History remains a part of people’s daily lives and make up a significant part of the national culture.

Business – History is great for tourism and when the impressive properties have been restored, people come to visit and spend money in the local economy. The building can be opened to the public or repurposed into museums, tourist attractions, libraries or other suitable uses for the benefit of society. The process of restoration of the property also provides employment for local contractors, builders and specific experts depending on the type of project. Therefore, the restoration project offers long and short –term investment in the area.

New businesses find old repurposed buildings attractive when looking for premises because they offer something different, a talking point, a touch of class and originality. This is a win-win for everyone as an old building gets a new life and business can enjoy growth and success in a unique environment.

Of course, not all old buildings can be saved. When they become too dilapidated, the present a hazard and must be demolished. For a professional Birmingham Demolition company, visit a site like

Value – An historic building is often the only connection we have to the past and as such offers huge educational value. It’s not only the importance of good architecture, but things like the decor, the standard of living and interior design all play a role in painting a picture of our ancestors.

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Sustainability – In terms of recycling, reuse and re-purposing – there is nothing better in terms of sustainability than using existing buildings as opposed to building brand new ones. Many cases of demolition in the past could have been a waste of resources, unless the building was considered unsafe and hazardous to the public.


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