Friday May 20, 2022

5 First Date Ideas for Senior Citizen Dating

When you are hopping into the dating pool as a senior citizen, you may find yourself feeling a bit confused. When you see people dating on television, they are all quite young, and the dating activities that they choose might not appeal to you. Whether you and your date are living in active adult communities in Seattle or retirement homes in Florida, check out these fantastic date options.

If you are both book lovers, there is nothing quite so charming as browsing through your favorite books together. Take a look at the volumes on the shelves, and mention a few that mean a lot to you. Ask them to tell you about the ones that mean a lot to them, and if you are both fast readers, who love to share books, consider picking up books that you can read at the same time.

Intriguing Restaurant
Part of forming relationships is creating shared experiences. You can learn a lot about people by seeing how they react to something new, so consider picking a restaurant that is new to both of you and giving it a try. Always make sure that you get a list of possible food restrictions before you do this; the last thing that you want to do is to starve your date!

Many active senior communities take field trips to the zoo, but the truth of the matter is that zoos are fantastically romantic opportunities for people of all ages. Take your sweetie to the zoo, and learn all about new and exciting animals together. This is a great opportunity to get out, to walk around and to see something new.

Boat Tour
Do you live near a large body of water? Do you have a river flowing through your city? If you do, you’ll discover that boat tours are a great way to get romantic. A boat tour is lazy and sweet, and it is not something that people do very often. Take a moment to consider the last time that you got out on the water.

Do you volunteer at an interesting place? If community work is something that is important to you, consider introducing it to your date. A date where they see what is important to you, followed by a delicious dinner, can help them get to know you in ways that they would not otherwise.

Take a moment to consider what your options are when it comes to dates; just because you are a senior citizen is no reason to think your dates have to be dull.

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