Friday May 20, 2022

Carry on Pigeon

Pigeons have been used for carrying messages for a long time in human history. They can be effectively trained to fly between two locations and will do so without fail and with much dedication. These birds were used during both World Wars when communication was difficult for some reason and they did indeed save many lives. But what else have we used carrier pigeons for?

You can use a trained bird for just about anything, even children can use them to send messages to each other’s houses. Imagine how useful that would have been before telephones and the the instant communication of the digital era.

Hospital have been known to use carrier pigeons to deliver vials of blood or medicine to other hospitals, several times a day. This method had the benefit of immediate delivery with no postal costs or time wasted. Scientific test results have been shared this way so in a way these birds have contributed towards helping humans in the medical sense too.


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Of course, the pigeon has also been used for less honorable purposes. Prison inmates have been known to get deliveries of drugs quite regularly whilst serving time in prison. Having a carrier pigeon for this use puts the inmate in a position of authority in the jail, using illegal drugs as a powerful method of control over other inmates.

Imagine the benefit of using these birds if we should ever experience a massive power outage or communication lines are sabotaged for whatever reason. We will still be able to rely on this clever bird to get our messages through and deliver essential medicines for example. This has been tested in Germany, for elderly or very infirm patients living in hard to reach areas. Carrier pigeons were given medication to transport and could deliver it daily without delay for those most in need.


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For many though, the pigeon is a pest. Populations of the bird have exploded in our towns and cities and as a result their nesting causes damage to buildings and their droppings can be a safety issue. For London pigeon control services, visit

Sending messages via pigeon doesn’t have to be a thing of the past as there are companies that are offering the service as a unique and surprising way to communicate with family or friends. Today it can be used as a bit of fun but throughout history, it was a method of communication heavily relied on and the difference between life and death for many. It is believed that the Ancient Persians were the first to train the birds for this purpose and it is known that the Romans used them over 2000 years ago. Pigeons even have an Olympic connection as the Greeks used this method to announce the winners of the Games to various cities across the land.

A modern application of the messenger pigeon can be found in travel photography. It has been known for photographers in rafts to use pigeons to transport USB flash drives containing pictures to a tour operator who needs them quickly.

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