Monday May 23, 2022

Creating the Ultimate Vintage Bathroom

Do you yearn for a vintage bathroom? There’s no doubt that vintage lends an elegant and timeless style to your bathroom, which can often be an unloved space. Follow these simple design hints to create your own vintage haven.


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Select Your Ceramics With Care

There are two central pieces you must consider to create a vintage style for your bathroom – pedestal sinks and cast iron baths. Your pedestal sink should be elegantly curvaceous, or you could consider retrofitting a Victorian style sink into an antique stand for a beautiful vanity unit.

Cast iron baths, with their claw feet, are the centrepiece for the vintage bathroom look. An absolute design classic looking back to the days when a built in tub was rare, these are key to achieving vintage bathroom style.

You can source high quality cast iron baths online to achieve the look. Just be aware that you may need to reinforce your floor to take the weight.

Pay Attention to the Details

Shelves are far more in keeping with this style of bathroom, so choose some decorative brackets and line with old glass bottles to keep your toiletries in. A vintage chair in a Louis XV style will complement the curved line of a pedestal sink, and makes an attractive feature if you have the room.

An ornate bevelled mirror and globe shaped light fixtures will all be in keeping with your theme, or invest in a small chandelier for added glamour and style. Finally don’t forget to look for taps and other fittings in brass, copper or bronze, as chrome will look far too modern – unless you’re aiming for a contemporary spin on vintage style.

Vintage Flooring Choices

Marble is the deluxe choice for vintage style, though you can find modern ceramics with a marble finish. If you’re not a fan or don’t like tiled floors, try a marble splashback behind the sink. A dark wood flooring is the other authentic choice, and you could use engineered wood or laminate for a moisture resistant finish that will keep looking good.

Make the Right Colour Choices

A Victorian bathroom would typically be fully tiled and white for a very hygienic look, but you can soften it with pastels or go for the forest greens and deep reds the Victorians loved. Paint effects would also be in keeping.

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