Wednesday May 18, 2022

Choosing the right skip for your waste

If you are managing an extensive construction project or clearing out a substantial commercial office, then there may be a large volume of rubble or waste to get rid of. Hiring a skip is an easy way to take care of this, as long as a few key factors are kept in mind.

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Skips come in different sizes

There are mini, midi and maxi skips to handle domestic tasks, but a big project will require a skip of commercial dimensions. A Roll On Roll Off skip – otherwise known as a RoRo – can go up to 40 yards in size, and contain up to 400 bags of rubbish. Even an 8-yard skip can hold up to 8 tonnes of rubbish.

The right size is important as overloading a skip creates problems. Moving it could be difficult or even dangerous, and you may have to remove excess material. It is much easier to select the correct size or hire a skip that is slightly bigger than you need.

Leave out banned materials

Substances such as toxic chemicals, medical waste and oil are not permitted in a skip to comply with health and safety regulations. Get the full list and make sure none of them end up in your skip. Then have your waste processed sustainably and ethically if possible. Options are increasing here, as for example, the Department for Transport is funding the development of fuel from waste, according to this report in The Guardian.

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Consider the weight

Soil or rocks are a lot heavier than office chairs, so when choosing a skip, make sure the capacity is suited to what you are putting in it. Skips with the largest volumes will be suited to lighter materials.

If you are wondering about options for Swansea skip hire, it would be a good idea to talk with specialists in this area such as who could share handy tips and tell you everything you need to know about Swansea skip hire.

Plan your skip hire around the waste. Assess the amount of waste realistically, and then get a skip that can handle the volume of material and its weight. If in doubt, ask an expert for advice to make sure that the skip you end up selecting is suited to the job.

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